Christingle Service

Posted in General Village Interest

I overheard a young mum at the service on Christmas Eve say, "Is this a new thing?" and before I could give her an answer , she got lost in the crowd of parents and children.

The service was adopted by The Children's Society and the first one in North Elmham was taken by the Reverend Albert Derisley in 1981 and has continued in an unbroken line since then; so this year was the 33rd! It was quite a hard job to persuade him to hold it on Christmas Eve, but he was persuaded and the rest is, as they say, history. I was involved in that first one and ironically went on to work for the Society for 11 happy years.

The number of children, young and old! has grown over the years and many of us feel, that Christmas begins here. Years ago, my friends and I told our teenagers that they could go out on Christmas Eve, but only after Christingle!

This year £258 was collected and will be sent to The Children's Society to help with their work with children and young people.

Meg White