Church Roof Investigations

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Church roof investigationsWork on the roof of the south aisle of the church

Some of you may have noticed scaffold towers that were at St Mary's Church, North Elmham up onto the south aisle roof. Three men from Atthow builders were working lifting sections of the lead to see the condition of the woodwork under it to establish the extent of work needed when it is re-roofed next year.

Our architect, Ruth Blackman has inspected along with a structural engineer and together they are doing the necessary drawings and specifications. No unexpected problems have been encountered, which is encouraging. Any work undertaken will have to take account of the building's long-term residents (the bats) and we will be required to undertake night-time surveys of their movements during the summer. It will be much cheaper if we do these ourselves. Any volunteers? A family of slow worms was also discovered outside- a rare find for this part of the county.

Other emergency work on gutters and stonework on the north side will also be undertaken. This is outside the scope of the grant-aided work and is only possible because of the money raised at Elmham Festival- so your money is being put to good use and please continue to support us this year.