Elmham News - Monthly Distribution

Posted in General Village Interest

When Bob Fletcher asked me to organise the distribution of the March Elmham News while he and Jeanette were visiting Neil and his family in Perth – the hot, Australian version, not the chilly, Scottish equivalent - little did I know how much of job he has EVERY month!

It started with a delivery of 770 copies from Clanpress the printers. 708 copies were then counted and taken out to the 17 area distributors around Elmham, The Heath, Billingford, County School, Broom Green and Worthing, leaving a total of 59 to be individually delivered by me. That's when it got interesting! It took nearly 2 hours of driving to some far-flung, outlying places I didn't know existed! Up farm tracks, down un-adopted roads which were distinctly the worse for wear, and finding ingeniously placed letter boxes were all part of the fun! Mind you, the car needed a good scrub inside and out afterwards!

It certainly was a bit of an eye-opener and I take my hat off to Bob who uncomplainingly has the job each month. If you ever at a loose end and are inquisitive to find out where the Dog and Duck Farm is or where Pump Street starts and ends, give Bob a ring and offer to give him a hand delivering the Elmham News! Thanks to Bob and all the distributors for a job well done!

Brian Wheeler