The Holly and the Ivy

Posted in General Village Interest

Reading the report of our Council meeting of June 3rd in the DT, I note with dismay that some of our Ash trees in the Millennium Wood have Ash Die Back. With Oak tree diseases caused by a certain caterpillar and Horse Chestnuts with canker, we could soon lose a great number of trees elsewhere.

However there is one thing man can control or (try) that is to check the swift growing (Hedera) Ivy which seems to be smothering a vast number of our trees, mature Oaks, Ash etc.
We have a number of very mature Holly trees around our Churchyard supplying us with a nice show of berries at Christmas and of course food for the birds in winter. Some of these are now being choked to death with Ivy growing up their trunks.

I know the RSPB will say by removing the Ivy, nesting sites will be lost. However, you may also notice that if Ivy is not controlled it can kill Hawthorn hedges and walls built with lime mortar.
(From my notes here you will gather I am not an Ivy fan)