What's that Smell!

Posted in General Village Interest

We're always being reminded about picking up after our beloved dogs, but someone needs to remind the foxes that they need to pick up their poo too!!! May be if we leave lots of poopa scoopas and bags they might get the messages as they obviously can't read our notices...

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Charlie loves running around the Green especially when he can say hello to all the children through the railings having fun on the fabulous new play area, it's even better when they are having delicious picnics. But this afternoon the children had all gone home by the time we went for our walk so there was no one to distract him, instead he went rolling. He must have found every bit of fox poo he could roll in. It was all over his beautiful ruby coat, Yuk the smell. If you'd popped into see us when we got home you would have seen the funniest sight, me in my wheelchair trying to give Charlie a shower!!! Thank goodness Mike was home to rescue me.

Kate Wyatt