Future Planning - November 2015

Posted in General Village Interest

As reported in last month's magazine, our Parish Council is prepared to be receptive with regard to future planning subject to public consultation.
I attended the Parish Council meeting on October 7th where Mr Gordon Bambridge, our District Councillor and Chairman of Breckland, informed the meeting that the new consultation process for a four year plan will include proposals for North Elmham to take more development.
North Elmham already has 30 outstanding permissions (not started yet) and 43 undecided. This includes 25 properties at Brookside Farm (outside the current development boundary).
As published in the Community Plan, April 2011, over 70% of respondents agreed

that the built up area of the village should not be allowed to expand beyond its existing boundaries.
Local services are under immense pressure and a recent press article has revealed that Dereham surgeries have had to close their new patient lists, and new patients will be sent to out of town surgeries, including North Elmham.
Breckland District Council, in conjunction with our own Parish Council will carry out a consultation process and there will be public meetings for each part of the district.
Having been involved in the previous consultations as a former member of the Parish Council, I feel that the views of our residents are paramount for the future of the village.
If you have an opinion on whether North Elmham should retain its current building boundaries or whether you feel it should expand, it is important to participate in this consultation process.
Details of meetings will be published in the magazine.
Caroline Payne