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Perhaps you have been by the church and seen the horses in the paddock opposite and wondered about them, well, wonder no more.

Mollie is a Cleveland Bay cross Thoroughbred, bay in colour , she is the old lady of the group at 20 years old which would be about 60 in human years. Mollie is retired now due to a leg injury and her age but she is the sweetest kindest horse and always sensible.

Cleveland Bays are a British breed and have enjoyed royal patronage for over 200 years. They are magnificent coach horses and are used as such in the royal stables. Mollie is a real mud monkey and loves to roll and get every inch of herself dirty!

The big boy of the group is Rocky ! He is a French breed called a Comtois and is a light chestnut colour with flaxen mane and tail (though not often that colour at this time of year!). Comtois are a light draught horse, originating in the France / Swiss borders area it is claimed since 500 AD and they are particularly suited to work in hilly regions (however did he end up in Norfolk). Historically it is said they were

used as war horses but now they are working draught horses. They are very similar in build to our Suffolk Punch breed.

Rocky is only ten years old but he is also retired now due to an arthritic bone condition in his front feet. Before this was discovered he was not only being ridden but also (with the help of Mark Tasker in the village) had started to be broken to work in harness. Rocky is the real character of the three and very cheeky. He is a real gentle giant but very nosy and likes to pick up anything and everything and will always come and say hello.

The new addition to the gang is Jack, the chestnut with a white face. He is a Thoroughbred and the athlete of the three. Jack is eight years old and has only been with us a year but has already proved to be another lovely horse. He is a very friendly boy but also a bit of a prima donna and it doesn't take much for him to have a silly session! He is just starting to compete and is looking as though he is going to be a good dressage horse.

Obviously they are much loved members of our family but I know they are seen by many people in the village and I'm sure have amused quite a few from time to time, so when you are passing don’t be afraid to stop and say hello.

Debbie Eusden