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(These were all printed in the News in 1980, nice to mull over.)

Petty sessions are held here on the third Wednesday of every month; hiring’s for servants at Michaelmas; and a large fair for cattle, sheep and swine is held yearly on April 6th......The Free School, now conducted on the National system, in two departments for boys and girls, is attended by about 140 children and was built by Richard Milles, Esq. the late Lord of the Manor, who vested it in1813 with a house for the Master, a playground and 13 acres of the common in trustees.....

The Church Lands, 74 acres, 20 perches, are let for £74 a year. The Fuel Allotment, awarded at the Enclosure, is 50 acres, 21 perches, on which the poor cut turf etc. and let the herbage for £10 a year.
They have also the interest of £100 left by Peter Johnson in 1883; £1.11s.8d yearly left by Robert Shettles and John Culling; and 36s a year from Gooch's Charity.

There is a Bowling Green at the George Inn and a cricket ground near the Kings Head; and in the Parish are two water mills for grinding corn.
The Post Office is at Mrs Dent’s whence letters are dispatched to East Dereham etc. at four in the afternoon and to Holt, Cley etc. at half past nine in the morning.

Coach to Norwich Mon. Wed. and Fri.7 am and to Holt,Tues. and Sat. 7pm.
Carriers were Bett's van to Norwich Sat.6am.and to Litcham 7pm.
Robert Spooner to Norwich, Fri. and Jno.Tombling to Norwich Sat. and Lynn Mon.
Ed's note Why would you want to go to Holt at 7 pm?