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by Mr Albert Kingsbury.

“I arrived at North Elmham in March 1931, to take charge of the village railway station as Station Master which in those days had a staff of some fifteen people, two signalmen, two clerks, two porters and eight men who looked after the running road from Dereham to Fakenham.
On Saturdays we had forty one trains a day through the station, other days thirty six, Sundays we had two. The Sunday trains were to take the milk tanks from Elmham to Thetford for United Dairies. There were six tanks of 3000 gallons each and one 2000.The dairies had a staff of about twenty in all, the milk came in by lorries and horse drawn carts.
Most milk was brought in by Mr D. Abram's transport. His wife had the newspaper business. The daily papers arrived by train from Norwich each day except Sundays at 8.15am.
The railway fares were 2/6 return, Norwich, and 5d return, Dereham".

Taken from the February edition of the News.....in 1981

Ed's note. The station generated a lot of different businesses. Coal, corn and sugar beet were brought here to be dispatched either on the trains or by lorry as well as the milk which had to be tested in the laboratory (the bungalow building near the Dairy was the lab.) before leaving via the tankers.
On a personal note when I was a student in London in the early 1960's, my father would take my trunk to Elmham station to be transported to Liverpool Street Station, and it would be delivered the NEXT day to my digs. That was progress!