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How would you like to see North Elmham grow and develope...?

In 1948 England introduced Planning Rules and since then every few years the planning system has altered the way in which new developments are viewed and considered. We are now having a new review of the planning system for this area, and right now you can have your say on what happens in your village.

Your Parish Council has already begun to examine and challenge what is being proposed. You may well have attended the public meeting organised by them on 21st January.

On 4th February in the Institute Hall Breckland Council will be consulting with the village and surrounding areas. We really do want to know what you think.

Should North Elmham remain about the same? Should the village expand to allow more houses, or more business opportunities? If so where? Do you want to see more low cost houses, or perhaps more family homes? Would you like opportunities for your children or your parents to be able to move to the village? There are lots of questions and this will be an opportunity to speak to planners directly and view what is being proposed for North Elmham and Breckland for the next 20 years.

I intend to be in the Institute Hall for most of the time of the consultation that is 2.00pm to 7.00pm on 4th February. This will be a drop in session, so you can come and go as you please, view all of the plans, read the proposals and pass comment.

You can also comment directly on the Breckland website, follow the links from the front page. Also available on this site information on other opportunities to meet with planners throughout the district, and the thoughts behind the consultation

You have until the absolute deadline of February 22nd to make your voice heard. As one of your representatives on Breckland I will help you if I can

Gordon Bambridge

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