Wensum Valley

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Further to the article by Mr Colin Wright may I be permitted to correct a point which was made about the picturesque River Wensum.

It did not begin its life near the villages of Whissonsett and Colkirk but the source of the river was, in fact, at Tatterford, west of Sculthorpe.  It progressed through Sculthorpe Mill to Goggs' Mill (which became a ruin before the Second World War) and continued through "Dewing and Kersleys" Mill then under the "Three Brick Arches" at Fakenham and on to Ryburgh, Guist, Bintree Mill, County School and through Elmham Mill.  Eventually it reached Norwich and joined the River Yare at Trowse.  Many changes have taken place along the banks over the years and I have a photograph of the Boating Club between Sculthorpe and Goggs' Mill before the First World War, when all the ladies wore long dresses and hats and my father wore a trilby for rowing!

At County School there was a swimming pool made in the Wensum with a diving board for the Dr Barnardo's boys and this was visible from the train.  I swam in Sculthorpe Mill pool during the war when our beaches were mined.  Many children and adults enjoyed the Wensum for bathing and canoeing and, I am sure, continue to do so.                                     

Janet Hastings