Resignation December 2012

Posted in Notices

I have resigned from the Parish Council due to my wife's poor health. I feel I must apologise to all the parishioners who voted for me at the last election, as I have let you all down by not serving the full four year term. However, having served on the Council for the last 14 years, perhaps my resignation will prompt some younger parishioners to put themselves forward to be co-opted.
The Parish Council have for some time been negotiating the purchase of the land we currently call the village green. This has been the wish of the majority of our parishioners as identified in the village appraisal. I would have liked to have stayed on the Parish Council to see the conclusion of this purchase, as the land in question has been farmed by my family since the late 1800s. Firstly by my granddad and then by my uncle Spencer Lowe up to the early 1970s, who had to give up farming due to ill health. Following this, Norfolk County Council sold part of the field frontage on Holt Road, and then later the land which was developed and named after my uncle, Spencer's Close. If feel this is a very nice development on this part of the field. However, the Parish Council do not wish to see further development of the land and therefore took the decision some time ago to purchase the field so that it could remain as an open space for everyone to enjoy. To this end, I would ask all parishioners to support the Parish Council in this purchase and donate whatever they can afford.
I would like to conclude by wishing our Parish Councillors every success for the future and to work as a team to conclude this very important project, which has taken a long while to come to fruition, for which all present and future residents of our wonderful village would appreciate.
Once again, my sincere thanks to all parishioners who voted for me and gave me an opportunity to represent you on our Parish Council.
Yours truly
Norman Lowe