The New Churchyard February 2013

Posted in Notices

The regulations with regard to the churchyard are up in the church and the purpose of most of these is to help maintain the churchyard in good order and keep the grass cut. For instance although some of the older graves have curbs around them and gravel or slate fragments on them, this is not now allowed because it makes mowing very difficult, and sometimes dangerous. For the same reason, the placing of mementoes on the graves hinders maintenance. This should be restricted to one vase for fresh flowers. Artificial flowers are also discouraged because they fade and tend to blow about the churchyard.
There have also been comments that the churchyard is uneven and walking across it can be dangerous. We are afraid that it is the nature of graveyards that there can be some mounds or subsidence over graves, and so a certain amount of care must be taken. We are fortunate that the churchyard is regularly mown and we would ask for your cooperation in keeping it tidy and a pleasure to visit.
John Labouchere and Susanna Wade Martins (Church Wardens)