Vodafone - Sure Signal

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This is advice for those of you who are Vodafone customers and are frustrated by the lack of signal for your mobile phone in North Elmham. If you have a broadband connection for your computer, the SURE SIGNAL box from them for £50 will provide you with a 3G service in your house.

Ed's note: Anyone know of any other providers doing anything similar?

Webmasters Note: whilst the £50 quoted is true, it only applies if your Vodafone monthly contract is £25 or more - for all others it is a one off cost of £120. It is also available for an additional cost on your contract of £5 per month. You also need a minimum line speed of 1Mbps

There are certain caveats, you must preregister the phones that will connect through it and they must be Vodafone phones.

If you have multiple providers and wish to do something then you can put a roof aerial and local repeater amplifier (which will generally cover the house and garden up to about 30-40m depending on wall thickness that the radio waves have to travel through. If you want more info on this please contact me.