School News - April 2014

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We will of course be on holiday for our Easter break for most of April; however we do have an exciting experience for our Year 5 and 6 Class when we return on 23rd April. They will be attending an Evacuee' Day on the Poppy Line steam train at Sheringham. This will involve a dramatic recreation of the evacuation of children from London to Norfolk during WW2. They are encouraged to dress up in 1940's style clothes and amongst other things trying rations! It

should be an unforgettable experience for everyone going.

One of our parents has just published his first children's story "The Seren Trilogy", in which the main character is based on his Year 2 daughter. As part of World Book Day he came to speak to the children in assembly to talk about his journey from thinking of his story through to publication. The story, which is a trilogy of short stories, is the first of what could be a large series and is set in North Elmham, although the main character then enters a fantasy realm. (His book has been available for some time through the Kindle but has within the last week been published as a Paperback; available through Amazon but hopefully through bookshops in time.)