School News - July 2014

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The summer term is always filled with lots of exciting things, now that Sat's exams have finished and as our Year 6's prepare to finish their Primary Education and move on to Secondary Schools. We have our sports days in June and we have begun to prepare for our school end of term production which is ' A Midsummers Night Dream'. This means that the whole school is busy learning their lines, songs and making scenery in time for the two productions in the last days of term. So that everyone is able to be in the show, the school is split into two groups and this means there are two entirely different casts for each night. This is a great deal of work for Mrs Coe who directs and produces the performances, twice as many rehearsals! But it is a tried and tested method that has produced some top class performances in the past.

Unfortunately due to the size of the school hall, the productions are only open to the families of pupils and even then the numbers are limited. We will be saying good-bye to our Year 6 pupils on the last day of term with a leaver's service at church. This is a time where we celebrate the school year and the Primary School careers of those leaving. Special achievement cups are awarded as recognition for excellent work and books of photos are given as keep sakes. We wish all those leaving us all the best at their new schools and a quick and easy transition into High School.