FONES - August 2014

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Over the last few months FONES have been very busy organising and preparing for our annual Family Fun Festival, which was held on Saturday 28th June.
During this time we also planted 12 young trees at the bottom end of our school field (the start of a small orchard we hope!) The East of England Apples and Orchards Project kindly donated 10 Norfolk Apple trees and 2 Cherry trees to the school, with a further 8 Norfolk Apple varieties on back order for delivery this Winter. This is very exciting for the children to be able to see these young trees growing and changing - as they are, also for the children in future years to enjoy and see the benefit. A big Thank you to those of you who were part of this, from the organisation to the planting, and watering over the school breaks. They look fantastic on the field and are growing fast!

Our annual Family Fun Festival was held on Saturday 28th June at the school, and despite the weather - which we thought was going to hold out and be kind to us, (especially after so many of us did sun dances and had lots of things crossed!) but it decided to rain anyway, we had another successful year, with lots of families turning out in the drizzle and then the pouring rain to support us. So firstly I must say a huge THANK YOU to all of the families and friends who came along and joined in the fun and games, in great British spirit!

As I'm sure you are all well aware, these kinds of events don't just happen and come together on the day. Lots of time and thought, planning and organising goes into trying to make the Family Fun Festival an event that everyone will want to come and be part of, have fun at and remember. In light of this, I have lots of thank you's to mention to those involved with making it all come together on the day.


  • The George Hotel, Dereham - Gareth and Becks for the very kind donation of ale
  • Nick Garrod - for your marquee. Debbie Coull and Lydia for your tent
  • Haart - for providing and running the bouncy castle
  • James Cane - for providing tennis for the children
  • Fire Fighters of Dereham - for being there in the rain!
  • North Elmham Young Farmers - for the tug of war rope
  • Steeletto's - Lorna and her steel band
  • The lovely gentlemen at Corners Nursery - for your generosity and kindness
  • Mel - for donating 2 large tubs of ice cream
  • Ann at the 'Tea Post' -for your kind donation. Arnie's Attic - for being there in the rain in fancy dress!
  • Julie and Christine from NECS -  for running your nail game, BBQ and donations
  • Lisa Digby - for balloon modelling. Mr Ellen - for making the brilliant 'Welly Wanging' trophies
  • Peter Fuller (Shelly's Dad) - for the use and donation of your BBQ
  • The Flower Festival committee - for the use of your bunting
  • Angie Redwood - for your face painting Harry Sinclair - for organising and playing music
  • Dereham Football Club – football coaching
  • Everyone who donated items and gifts for the tombolas and the raffle
  • All the parents and carers for all your hard work and commitment - FONES members and helpers, parents, carers, family and friends - for organising, shopping, storing, setting up, manning stalls, clearing away and getting very, very wet!
  • And last, but certainly not least, a massive THANK YOU to Nikki Bemrose for price matching our takings through Barclays Bank; This meant that FONES raised £947.00 and Nikki was able to price match £1000.00

Giving us a record grand total of £1947.00 profit this year
This is a huge amount of money and we are thinking carefully about the best way to use this to benefit all the children at North Elmham Primary School.
Here's a quick reminder of some of the things FONES have been able to provide for the children over the last couple of years, using money raised through fundraising events.

2012 - 2013

Sports day medals and lollies, Steve Sausage - entertainer and lollies
Leavers Party and JO JO the Gorilla project

2013 - 2014

Sports day medals and lollies, leavers party, the orchard, playground picnic benches.
Rugby shirts, sports shorts and socks and audio equipment

This has been achieved by having a dedicated and committed chair - Nicole Gibson,and the FONES team to support her and lots of willing parents, carers and helpers. Thank you all.
Our AGM is being held on 17th September 2014  -8pm at the King's Head
Please come along and support FONES - New Members Needed this Year
We look forward to seeing lots of new faces there, to join FONES and keep raising funds to provide exciting opportunities for our children.
Have a great Summer break with your families

Shelly Sinclair