School News December 2014

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We are now well into our autumn term, and everyone seems to have settled in well, new staff and children alike. In November we have had a number of things to look forward to. We began Dance workshop for all classes this month with 'Slanted Dance', which so far have been a lot of fun and great exercise for all. There is also an inter-schools tag rugby tournament for years 4-6. We will also have had the NCBC Book Fair and Story Telling coming into school and a Clay Barn Christmas Pottery event organised by FONES on December 5th, so plenty going on! We will be starting our school preparations for Christmas, including a nativity by Key Stage 1 for parents and carers and FONES are organising a Christmas Disco for the whole school before we break up. We break up for Christmas on the 19th December 2014 returning on January 6th 2015.