North Elmham Parish Council Meeting 4th July 2012

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The monthly Parish Council meeting took place at 7:30pm in the sport's pavilion with 6 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins in the Chair.

Following his question at the Annual Parish Meeting, Norman Clarke asked what progress had been made with Church and Town Lands Charity. Martin Phillips explained that a meeting would be held shortly to investigate the problems that had been highlighted.

Meg White announced that the photographs of the Jubilee Celebrations would be on display in the Eastgate Centre on Saturday 14th July and Monday 16th July.

A question was raised regarding the lamppost that was demolished by the post Office and the Clerk explained that the matter was progressing through the normal channels.

Apologies were received from Bill Borrett and the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Matters Arising

Co-option of New Members

Training for new co-opted Councillors is to be arranged, it was also noted that some of the existing members had never received training.

Community Speedwatch

It is still waiting for the final vetting of volunteers to be finalized in order that actual work can commence.

Land Management

Village Green

The new committee is now in place and is looking at all of the Grant applications that are underway. There is a meeting coming up to visit Swanton Morley to have a good look at their play facilities. The Breckland funding application has gone through Cabinet but still has to go to full Council for ratification. Selling squares of the Green has raised £650 so far but a lot of people are waiting for the Gift Aid to be finalized so that the maximum benefit is gained. There is a need for care with the final completion of the sale to ensure that it does not happen before the grant applications have gone through. A phone call had been received regarding pruning trees by the overhead power cables.

Cathedral Meadows

A question was asked as to when Dennis Fish's rental was due for the Meadows.

Millennium Wood

The 1st gate has been done and the main gate is now unlocked and anyone using it is shutting it properly after them. There is a budget needed for trimming the hedge growing from Church Farm.

Bridleway on disused railway line

A meeting has been organized with the footpaths office to which he will bring all the relevant maps and documents; he was however not prepared to attend a Council Meeting.

Street Lights

One lamp in Eastgate Street is a problem and Mr Thompson's hedge has not been progressed yet.


Young offenders have started work on the Pound and seat. The cow parsley that was causing problems in Station Road has been cut. There was a difference of opinion as to the need for a dropped kerb in Eastgate Street as requested by the Bus Company, it was suggested that members examine the site and make a decision next month.

Pavilion and Playing Field

Moles – the suggestion was made that responsibility for the playing field be taken over by the Football Club and the Parish Council focus their attention on the Green. The traps used on the playing field can only be put in in the evening and must be removed in the morning as they otherwise pose a danger to users of the field. The new swing seats will be done shortly (it is hoped by the weekend). The Tennis Club are happy with the proposed structure for the rent, the Bowls Club however say that they only have 14 members and no money, however it was pointed that Broom Green Bowls Club also play there and that the rental was for the facilities with no distinction as to how it was split, the final decision was to send a letter fully laying out the terms as defined by the parish Council. The Big Red Bus has been booked to start 19th September and it is hoped that the publicity will be more extensive than last time.

Station Yard Development

There has been no progress with the Railway Company regarding the pedestrian gates at the level crossing, Bob Fletcher to progress.

Norfolk Milestones

The milestones have been painted in white so far and the lettering is still to be picked out in black.

Sale of Parish Pits

The tenancy agreements do not seem to have maps with them, Simon Thompson can possibly help.

Loss of possible footpath on Railway Line

A letter to Breckland asking a number of questions has been sent. The meeting with the footpaths officer should help in this matter.

Format for Annual Parish Meeting

The proposed method for running the Annual Parish Meeting on a separate date to the normal Parish Council meeting to allow more time for matters was accepted. The Church and Town Lands Charity have also agreed to the new format.

Councillors' responsibilities and New Code of Conduct

Owing to a technical hitch with distribution, these matters were left to the next meeting.

Accounts for Payment

The list of payments was accepted.

Planning Applications and Determinations

1) Mr and Mrs Colin Chapman, 64 Station Road, North Elmham

Loft conversion with velux windows and single storey extension with loft and new detached triple bay garage.

A letter had been received from Christine Skipper objecting to the proposed development, as it would unbalance the look of the cottages. The Parish Council considered the matter and agreed with the objection – 8 members objecting and 2 abstaining, they also objected on the grounds of size in proportion to the existing and also the dormer windows that would be out of character with surrounding properties.

2) Peter Rivett and Co, Heath Farm, North Elmham

Installation of 2 micro scale wind turbines

No objection.


Mr R Lain, 64 Orchard Close, North Elmham

Single storey rear extension to accommodate new kitchen and increased area to sitting room

Permission granted.

The developed property in Eastgate Street that demolished a wall is now on the market and the wall has not been reinstated. Breckland Planning Office to be contacted to check.


There has been an attempt to remove lead from the Church roof but it seems as though the process was interrupted as none was actually removed, only the disturbance being evident. There has been a complaint from a resident of Orchard Close regarding the firing of guns, the shooting seems to come from the other side of Back Lane and contact is to be made to ensure any shooting is away from the road. Some Heras fencing has been stolen from the Playing Field and the matter is to be reported. Mr Todd has withdrawn his planning application for the Billingford Road development and Breckland are attempting to get the land reinstated.

Crime figures for May

1 - Violence against the person

1 – Criminal damage

1 – Burglary (non dwelling)

1 – Other

Agenda items for next meeting

Dog fouling, code of conduct, Railway line footpath

The next meeting will be on 1st August 2012 at 7:30pm in the Pavilion.