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Wednesday 7 November 2012
The meeting took place in the Sports Pavilion with Peter Wade-Martins in the chair, Mr Bill Borrett, County and District Councillor and 6 members of the public in attendance.
Resignations were received from Mr Norman Lowe, and Mr Martin Sullivan Apologies were received from Sue Brockhurst.
Public Participation
Mrs Julia Srigley and her son came to offer amended plans for the proposed car port at 3 Lake View. They had listened to the concerns voiced by neighbours and the Parish Council about size and height and with advice from the planners had produced a smaller version that would still be tiled using reclaimed Norfolk pantiles
Mr Howell said his son had met with the Highways Officer on site; the lock had been removed so he was not breaking the law. He was prepared to put down rubble in the very wet patches and hoped that would be the end of the affair.
He offered to sell part of Cathedral Meadows to the Parish Council in exchange for their support with a planning application. He was told firmly by the Chairman, that a formal written proposal must be submitted to the Council before anything could

be considered.
Mrs Janet Woodhouse explained that she had met Andrew MacNair from Foulsham to find out how he had digitally archived his village's photographs and maps with the aid of a grant from Awards for All. He had also copied it on to memory sticks that could be bought by interested people
Mrs Debbie Coull wished to express her concerns regarding the exceptional large amounts of dog excrement on the narrow pavements at the east end of Eastgate Street opposite Old Hall Farm. She walks that way several times a day with a large number of children and a double buggy. It was annoying to push the buggy through a pile of leaves only to find it was covering excrement. Because she was forced to walk on the road, people in cars were showing their disapproval.
The Councillors were all in sympathy with her and the Clerk would report to Breckland and Elmham News would put in a piece reminding dog owners of their duty.
Jimmy Brown, in his alter ego of a resident of North Elmham, addressed Mr Borrett regarding the extremely large payment by Great Yarmouth Council of £100,000 for a redundancy payment and hoped that Breckland were not prepared to do the same. Mr Borrett reassured him that these payments were linked to legal contracts negotiated in the past, but these practices had changed. Councillors all hoped they had!!
It was usual for the Parish Councillors to make personal donations towards the laying of a wreath for Remembrance Day. John Labouchere would organise one and had agreed to lay the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.
Matters Arising
1 Mr Norman Lowe had offered his resignation, after 14 years, to give more time to his wife. He was warmly thanked for his loyal service and a letter expressing the Council's appreciation for all he had done would be duly sent.
Mr Martin Sullivan had also had to offer his resignation as he was leaving the village at short notice. It was a shame as he was just getting into his stride.
The resignations had to be reported to Breckland who would send forms to the clerk to advertise 2 vacancies. Provided there are not 10 electors who request an election, the Council may co opt 2 people after the notices have been displayed for 14 days.
2 The Highway Rangers were due to clear the roadside round Bridport House.
3. The new landlords of the King's Head had painted the railings round the pump and intended to make a feature of it. Jimmy Brown and Bob Fletcher were still seeking the second village pump.
4. Mrs Woodhouse and the Chairman will put together a grant proposal to buy equipment in order to produce a digital archive of village documents. This was agreed.
5. Peter Braybrook had contacted the planners, sending maps and an explanation of the proposed plans for the Village Green. A reply was awaited so that the parish council will know what will need planning consent.
6. The lack of progress of work on the walls in the Chapel ruins was noted and Ann Keeble would contact English Heritage for an explanation.
7. Discussion on what to do about the ash tree stumps in Cathedral Meadows hedge was tempered by the news about the ash dieback disease and a vote was taken. It was agreed to leave them for the time being.
8 A report had been received from the Highways Officer who had met Steven Howell on site. The padlock has been removed permanently. The top hinge of the gate is in a poor state and needs replacing and a hook and eye put on the post so the gate can be easily opened and shut with one hand. John Labouchere was to send an email and photo of the gate to Highways, after the work was done.
Street Lights
Clearing the foliage from around street lights was in hand.
Playing Field
The wall had been repaired, the moles were being dealt with by the Football Club and there was money in an account to repair the skateboard area.
Station Yard Gate
A very reasonable quotation had been obtained for the widening of the pedestrian gate at the level crossing. Consent had to be received from the Mid Norfolk Railway and it was agreed that the contractor and MNR would meet.
The Council felt it important to proceed with this work despite the fact that it was the MNR's property. At the moment wheelchairs and children's buggies have to be pushed over the railway line on the carriageway side of the main gate.
Dog Fouling
Bob Fletcher will check with the railway company about the siting of a new dog bin at the County School Station and will make sure that Breckland will empty the bin before ordering and getting the bin installed.
All rents had been paid and the holly tree which obscures the view of drivers leaving the allotment will be removed in the very near future.
Recycling facility
A new contractor for collecting aluminium cans would be sought. Figures for paper and glass in 2011 had been given by Breckland as Glass 47.1 tonnes glass; 6 tonnes paper for £1298.
For the first 6 months of 2012; Glass was 20 tonnes and paper 5 tonnes which brought in £615 – hopefully Christmas will boost the glass bank!
Budget Discussion
The Vice Chairman had prepared a draft budget next year. Discussion followed and amendments made. The clerk and Vice Chairman will present the final budget at the next meeting.
N E Diamond Jubilee Green Support Trust
Martin Phillips said that since the extra publicity; posters and articles in the EDP and DT, he had received very generous donations. He reminded people that if they were able to Gift Aid the donations, their gift would be worth a quarter more. Four grant applications were still outstanding so he was hopeful of more income to reduce the size of the loan to complete the purchase.
Council Training
The training session proved interesting and several useful items had been noted.
Chalara fraxinea - Ash dieback
John Labouchere confirmed that he had trees with the disease. There was nothing that could be done except to fell the afflicted trees.
Planning Applications.
Mrs F Richmond, Park Farm Cottages
Installation of 3 micro scale wind turbines - 14.97m to hub and 5.6 m diameter blades.
No objections.
Mr M Srigley ,3 Lake View, Holt Road, North Elmham
Amended plans for the erection of a 2 bay carport in rear garden
No objections
Mr & Mrs M Jensen, Mill House, Worthing
Replace existing wooden outbuilding with timber log cabin to use as sauna/steam room.
No objections.
The Big Red Bus which had been visiting the village over the last 8 weeks was having its funding cut. They were hoping that the parishes that had used the facility might be able to give a donation towards it. John Labouchere proposed a donation of £100 since it was of benefit to those young people who had attended. That was agreed unanimously.
Date of the next meeting 5 December 2012 7.30 pm in the Pavilion