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Wednesday 5 December 2012
The meeting took place in the Sports Pavilion with Peter Wade-Martins in the chair, and 3 members of the public in attendance.
Apologies were received from Bob Fletcher and Bill Borrett.
Public Participation
Meg White relayed the information she had received from Norfolk Young Farmers regarding the use and installation of a Defibrillator outside the Memorial Institute. It is part of a project set up by the Young Farmers called after a young member who died and called " Lucie's Life Saving Fund", to raise money to buy equipment for hospitals and local areas. A defibrillator unit had been placed at the Memorial Institute as it is on the main road, close to the surgery and on a building used by older residents. The YF Countrysiders also meet there, so they felt it would be a nice touch.
The unit is operational and the Emergency Services have been informed. In the New Year the YFC will hold an Open Day for all villagers to go along and find out all about it and how it will be used. Refreshments and training will be on offer.
Simon Thompson wished to talk generally about how things were going in the village, changes of parish Councillors, lack of listening and finding out what people wanted. All councillors were astounded and insulted at his words and 4 of them spoke to refute his comments and to suggest that he was the one out of touch.
Norman Clarke was worried about the proposed expenditure on projects in the village but was assured that they would only be carried out if enough money could be raised through grants & donations..

Matters Arising
1. Two vacancies for Parish Councillors had been duly advertised on the notice board, with an expiry date of 14 December.
2. Peter Braybrook had received confirmation from Breckland that no planning application is needed for play equipment on the green but they would like to discuss the access further with him.
3. The Clerk had visited the previously padlocked gate on the railway line footpath on 18 November and it did indeed have a new removable chain but the bridleway was now impassable and knee deep in mud.
James Winter from Highways also visited on 4 December and will talk to Mr Howell about the mud causing a serious obstruction.
It had been agreed that a new direction post, showing where the bridleway began, should be installed by Highways.
4. The work on the gate at Station yard making it wide enough for child buggies etc should be able to proceed after a final meeting between the contractor and MNR.
5. The question regarding where the money goes from the bottle bank at the Railway Hotel was answered by saying the Breckland keep it! Steps will be taken to change that.
6. As from December 6th, the Diamond Jubilee Village Green belongs to the Village. Everyone was delighted.
Community Hall Proposal
A proposal was made by the Chairman that a subcommittee be set up to manage the new Community Hall project. Details regarding the exact parameters of responsibility had been circulated. It was agreed in principle, and all relevant organisations will be contacted and invited to take part.
Reporting issues to the Parish Council
It was agreed that the table of responsibilities in Elmham News would be revamped with email addresses as well as telephone numbers, when the two new councillors have been installed.
Slight amendments had been made to the budget for next year and were accepted by everyone.
Planning Applications.
1. Mr M Jensen, The Mill House Worthing
Minor amendment - ie insertion of velux roof light to WC.
2. Mr Basil Todd Elmham Road , Billingford
Proposed visitor centre and camping pods.
After mixed discussion it was agreed not to oppose it but to suggest that the use of hovercraft, quad bikes etc were not to be encouraged.
1. Mr & Mrs M Srigley ,3 Lake View, -carport. Permission granted
2. Peter Rivett, Heath Farm – installation of 2 micro wind turbines – refused.
It was agreed that the clerk would endeavour to find out if there was a map which showed where wind turbines could be installed safely with regard to the radar concerns of the MOD.
Date of the next meeting 2 January 2013, 7.30 pm in the Pavilion.