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Wednesday 9 January 2013
The meeting took place in the Sports Pavilion with Martin Phillips in the chair, and 3 members of the public in attendance.
Apologies were received from Peter Wade Martins, who was in hospital and Bill Borrett. Commiserations were offered to Peter Wade Martins plus hopes for a speedy recovery.
Public Participation
Martin Sullivan, ex councillor had returned to give the result of the Traffic Survey taken in Eastgate Street and Orchard Close taken last year.
In Eastgate Street, 78 answers were received from 112 properties; in Orchard close 35 answers were received from 75 properties.
Questions were asked if they would prefer a One Way System, a part one way system; Access only; a 20 mph speed limit and pavements and parking bays where possible. A One Way system was not popular but a 20mph speed limit and pavements and extra parking, if possible found favour with the residents.
The information would be passed to the Traffic Group, part of the CPAG for further detailed analysis.
A gentleman from Broom Green asked about the access to Broom Green Common which had been allowed in his youth in the 1970's. Martin Phillips said he did not think the land was a registered common but would have a word with the long term tenant to check it out. It might be possible to negotiate a permissive agreement.
Matters Arising
The vacancies for Parish Councillors had not been finali

sed but it was hoped that they would be before the next Council Meeting. There had been no requests from parishioners for an election.
Safe Route to school
Because of the recent bad weather, the footpath across the Jubilee Green was flooded which could cause a serious H & S risk should the water freeze. The Highways engineer was to be approached for a simple solution, ie a drain filled with gravel to allow the water to drain away.
Village Green
The purchase of the land was completed on 6 December 2012 and the village now owns the Jubilee Green and a plaque will be erected showing the names of the sponsors.
Bridleway on disused railway line
A letter from Highways explained that because the land was so saturated at this time they were hoping to get the bridleway sorted out before next autumn.
Street Lights
Because of the huge saving on electricity and light pollution by using the new LED lights, Sue Brockhurst would be investigating the relative costings so that a full discussion could take place next month.
Pavilion and Playing Field
The Football Club were asking for help regarding their expenses and after much discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would take back the responsibility for mole catching and allow them some leeway on the first rent payment of the year.
An abandoned car had been reported to the police who said it had a legal owner and because it was not on the highway, they were not able to tow it away. Members of the council had their own ideas re the owner of the car!
Dog Fouling
There appeared to be extra amounts of large dog faeces on Church Hill. The Dog Warden would be consulted for advice.
Since the money from the recycling bins at the Railway Hotel were being paid directly to Breckland, the Council will fill in the requisite forms to claim the money! Sadly cans and tins are not producing enough for independent collectors to pay for them. It was suggested that they are put into the black recycling bins.

Planning Applications.
Mr & Mrs M Jensen, Mill House, Worthing
a) Minor amendment i.e. insertion of velux roof light to WC.
b) Replace wooden building with log cabin (sauna/steam room)
c) Listed building consent granted.
Garrod Partnership Ltd Old Bakery, Eastgate Street
Conversion of building to houses (amended design)
Date of the next meeting 6 February 2013, 7.30 pm in the Pavilion.