North Elmham Parish Council Meeting - 3.3.2013

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There were 5 members of the public present and the meeting was chaired by Peter Wade-Martins.

Public participation

A question was asked about how the Green was progressing and how people could give their views and the different methods were explained.
Apologies were received from Martin Phillips, Jennie Borgnis, Peter Braybrook, Sue Brockhurst, Bill Borrett
Minutes of last meeting were accepted with the proviso that the land referred to as Broom Green Common be now referred to as the Fuel Allotment Land.

Co-option of new member

Proposed that Norman Clarke be accepted, all in favour.

Updated Information and matters arising

Peter Wade-Martins asked that the List of Responsibilities be updated and published in Elmham News.

Community Speedwatch

A new rota is being prepared and should be available shortly.

Safe Route to School

The work has been done and looks good, although there has been no heavy rain since completion to test it fully.

Land Management

Village Green
Both the Gift Aid money and the Norfolk Community Fund monies are in but repayment cannot start before 12 months have passed on the loan.
Cathedral Ruins
It is hoped that the work on the walls will commence shortly. An eye needs to be kept on the knotweed in the ruins which is coming back strongly. The moles need treating if possible as there seems to be even more activity than normal, there is also a need to treat them on the Village Green as well.
Cathedral Meadows
Two quotes have been received for the fencing work (the third contractor withdrew) and it was proposed that Julian Duffield's quote be accepted, subject to certain clarifications.
Broom Green
Two swans appear to have taken up residence on the pond. There appears to be a problem with the exit drain from the pond, the drain seems to need clearing and an approach to get the problem sorted needs to be made.
Millennium Wood
The meeting has not yet been held although some work has been undertaken by the Electricity Company (but only close to the cable runs). It was proposed that Mr Cole be asked (along with his Contractor) to see if a machine could get in and do the work without damaging the land and trees.
Bridleway on disused railway line
There is a need to get Norfolk County Council talking to Mr Howell no later than September in order to give them chance to take legal action if the matter is ignored again. Norman Clarke said that nothing seemed to have changed since he was last on the Parish Council as Mr Howell and the bridle way seem to have been under discussion for many years now and still nothing seems to be happening.

Street Lights

There is a chance that the Parish may get a 75% grant toward the proposed. LED lighting and the grant application and supporting quotes needs to be ready shortly as the first round of grants is at the end of April. A questionnaire needs to put into Elmham News to get the views of parishioners regarding the switching off of lights at night (between midnight and 5 am).

Highway Matters

Potholes are still appearing and are routinely being filled in but the ones by Broom Green Bridge are still there.

Sign to Village Facilities

This is to be kept on hold at the moment.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The car has now gone as has the can recycling bank (it was not economic so parishioners are requested to place empty cans in their Black bins). Nothing has been heard regarding the cloths recycling bank. So far the mole problem on the playing field is under control and it is hoped that this continues. A new Caretaker has been appointed for the Pavilion and Bookings are being managed by Jimmy Brown (he requested that his mobile number be published in the Village Directory). There has been a request to hire the Pavilion every Monday morning for a small Farmers Market consisting of some 8 stalls in the Pavilion plus vehicles on the car park, it was agreed to give a six month trial.

Station Yard Development

The matter is still under discussion.

Sale of Parish Pits

Documentation for one pit has been traced but the other is still proving elusive to find (which may indicate that it was fully transferred at the time).
Loss of possible legal bridleway
The Parish Council is still waiting for complete documentation from the Land Registry.

Assets Register

A knapsack sprayer and leaf grabber have been added to the register which is hopefully now up to date.

Dog Fouling

The new bin for County School has been ordered and Breckland have agreed to empty it on a regular basis. Jim Heffernan raised the issue of dog fouling on both the Village Green and the car park of the Post Office, Bob Fletcher also said it was a problem in both the Ruins and Millennium Wood, it was suggested that a strong article be written for the next issue of Elmham News.

Hedge maintenance at the Allotments

The new hedge has now been planted.

Reporting issues to Parish Councilors

The responsibility list needs updating and it should be stressed that people should be able to report any matter to any Councilor although it is better if it is to a person responsible for the area.

Traffic Survey

The possible 20 mph speed limit needs to be taken up with the County Council to see if anything can be done.

North Elmham Archive Group

The grant application has not been put in yet.

Land Registry Charges on the Village Green

There is a restriction in the transfer document for the Village Green on use of Spencer's Close and any development that could improve the value of the land at a subsequent sale but legal opinion suggests that it is of no importance as there is no intention of selling the land and also that if permission is obtained for a car parking area then this will decrease the value rather than increase it. There is also a need to register the land as a Village Green with the County Council.

Additional salt bins

An approach has been made to the Council by residents of Cathedral Drive, requesting that salt bins are placed on the estate as the recent winter weather left the area in a dangerously icy state. It was agreed to buy 2 additional salt bins if space can be provided.

Youth Council

Jim Heffernan outlined his proposals for a Youth Council and possible ways to get it started. In discussing the proposals it was suggested that youth council members attend main Council Meetings to see how the Parish Council actually runs. John Labouchere said that there are 2 Breckland Councilors. Who were originally members of the Breckland Youth Council and he offered to help establish a local one. There was a need to publish the matter in the public domain and various avenues are to be explored.

Accounts and payments were agreed

Planning Applications and Determinations

1) Mr and Mrs S Sinclair, 8 Brookside, North Elmham
Proposed single storey extension to rear of property
No objection
2) Mr and Mrs R Scott, Podshole, North Elmham
Demolish dwelling and erect 4 bedroom, 2 storey dwelling and garage
No objection
3) Mr B Todd, Billingford
Proposed visitor centre and camping pods
The article in the EDP was pointed out and it was stated that it would seem that Basil Todd was attempting to ride roughshod over the planning framework yet again. John Labouchere said it was the responsibility of the Council to object on the grounds that it was the only way to get the rule of law obeyed. It was proposed that it was put to the planning meeting that the Parish Council deplored the fact that work had been done without the proper consent being obtained in the normal way and hope that enforcement action will be undertaken by Breckland to restore some of the site. The motion was passed with 2 members against.
1) Garrod Partnership, Old Bakery Building, North Elmham
Conversion of building to form 2 dwellings – Planning permission granted.
2) Mrs E Bent, 50 Holt Road, North Elmham
Single storey rear extension – Planning permission granted.

Date of next meeting

The Parish Council meeting will be on 3rd April at 7:30 pm and dates for May were also announced - 1st May for the Parish Council Meeting and 8th May for the Annual Parish Meeting.