North Elmham Annual Parish Council Meeting – 1st May 2013

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There were 5 members of the public present in addition to Bill Borrett, District and County Councillor .
The first item of business was the election of a Chairman for the new year, with only one name proposed, Pater Wade-Martins was re-elected as Chairman. Martin Phillips was re-elected as Vice Chairman again unopposed.

Arrangements for Annual Parish Meeting

It was confirmed that all accounts and reports were to be on the village website 7 days before the meeting.

Public Participation

Meg White is trying to find out more about the defibrillator.

Matters Arising

John Labouchere has met with Tom Cook who has agreed to

repair the road at Broom Green as well as the outfall. A price has been received for the repair of the outfall but the residents have not yet agreed to contribute to costs. Mrs Wood (from Broom Green said the would be a meeting over the Bank Holiday).

Community Speedwatch

Another member of the group is leaving and it is now essential to get new volunteers – it was pointed out that although people are quick to complain about the problem they seem very reticent in coming forward to help deal with it.

Land Management

Cathedral Ruins
English Heritage have been in contact and suggested that photographs are taken of the areas of concern and sent to them for evaluation. It was pointed out that with any dealings of this sort it was essential to have some form of paper trail (even if copy emails) in order that everything was on file. A letter had been received from English Heritage concerning Health and Safety at the Ruins site, in particular about the cutting of the grass on the steep banks and putting the responsibility for enforcing this onto the Parish Council. It was decided that English Heritage must give some sort of advice to the Council n how the job is to be done and the PC manage the risk if they are to be responsible. Sue Brockhurst raised the point of whether the PC's Insurance Company should be notified as to the potential increased liability.
An Invoice has been received for hedge cutting

Bridleway on disused railway line
Peter Wade-Martins asked Bill Borrett about Peter Howell's comments at the previous meeting where he had claimed that both the County Council and Bill Borrett were satisfied with what he was doing. Bill Borrett replied that what was claimed by Mr Howell was not the County Council's position and he agreed that a date must be set in September to look at the position and if it was still unacceptable to then take action.

Street Lights

Peter Braybrook explained about the Norfolk County Council scheme to help Parish Councils change their lighting to the much more energy efficient LED now available and that a bid had been sent in for funding. Bill Borrett agreed to write in support of the bid but also pointed out that the scheme had been very popular and was now oversubscribed, he also went on to say that switching off all the lights in areas in Norwich had actually reduced anti social behavior and crime contrary to original fears.

Highway Matters

There will be a meeting on Friday at which a more up to date picture of the upcoming works will be known and these will be posted in the next edition of Elmham News. Salt bins have been put into position (Brookside and Elm Close) and a letter has been received asking that the bin in Eastgate Street be moved more towards the top of the street which was agreed, it was also pointed out that all bins need filling up at some stage before the winter.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The Indoor Market at the Pavilion seemed to be OK but there was a problem with a persistent mole at the top of the field that needed addressing as soon as possible. The Cricket Club are now running 3 teams (2 Saturday and 1 Sunday) and have requested an extra cut of the out field which they will pay for. Pavilion lettings for the month are £220.

Station Yard Development

A message of appreciation had been received regarding the widening of the gate at the crossing but pointing out that the gate on the other side needs attention as well. The matter is to be raised with the Railway Company.

Sale of Parish Pits

A preliminary meeting with Solicitors has been held about getting the pits registered.

Dog Fouling

The new bin is not yet in place as it is awaiting the erection of a post to mount it on. Jimmy Brown said that Holt Road pavement is bad and the Worthing turn to River Bridge is really bad for fouling. It was suggested that Elmham News ask people to report any fouling they see not being cleared, although no agreement was made as to who to report it to.

New Community Hall Project

Bill Borrett said that without a specific proposal NCC cannot give an opinion on an informal basis.

Traffic Survey

There has been no progress with this at the moment although it would be mentioned at the upcoming meeting with Highways. An area of flint wall (opposite Old Hall Farm) owned by Simon Thompson is about to collapse ad he is to be written to.

Land Registry Charges on the Village Green

Norman Clarke said that the 20 year rule does not apply when asking for Village Green protection as the land was owned by the Parish Council and therefor an application could be made immediately. Bill Borrett pointed out that immediate registration could give rise to problems in the future, if a small car park was required for the play area the registration would forbid it. Norman Clarke said he was aware of this and it was why he suggested registration as soon as possible. It was agree that this will be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting.

Youth Council

There has been no real progress to date and as it is now into exam time it was though expedient to place the matter on hold of a few months until later in the year.

Planning Application – Basil Todd, Billingford

The Council was told that Mr Todd is appealing the decision to reject his scheme and consequently no enforcement action can be taken at the moment. It was also pointed out that he was running a large Car Boot sale using the entrance that he had not had permission to construct, it was also noted that he had constructed new roads almost to Swanton Morley and it was unknown if he had permission for these either.

Council Tax and Precept

The modified bills have been issued by Breckland


Norfolk RCC is amending the terns of payment for the Clerk. The annual Insurance bill has been renegotiated lower for another year and £1200-1300 was due for recycling.
Financial Statements/Accounts for year
The accounts for the year were presented and have been internally audited by Bev King and a vote of thanks was given to Bev for this work.

Planning Applications and Determinations

Mr and Mrs Jordan, 26 Eastgate Street, North Elmham,
Erection of traditional style conservatory
No objection

Mr and Mrs Boyce, 38 Eastgate Street, North Elmham
Single storey side extension
No objection

Mr and Mrs Whitwood, 24 Wensum drive, North Elmham
Porch on front of property
Planning permission granted.

It was mentioned that plans are to be submitted for improving the old United Dairy part of the railway land.


Maintenance work is to be done to the River Wensum to clear reeds etc, the work to be done over the next year. George the shop owner asked about the possibility of using land to organize a large fundraising event in the summer with an all day BBQ etc. There is a need to know much greater detail before a decision can be made. A not had been received from Breckland regarding the new Community Infrastructure Levy and asking for comments as it was now out for consultation.

Date of Next meeting
Wednesday 5th June at 7:30pm in the Pavilion.