North Elmham Parish Council Meeting - 5/6/2013

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There were four members of the public present and Martin Phillips chaired the meeting. Apologies were received from Peter Wade-Martins and Jennie Borgnis.

Public Participation

Ann Ketteringham asked about the Village Green and the possible application for Village Green status, as she was worried that blanket application may possibly preclude even the development of a small car park in the future if it were necessary. She was assured that this would be dealt with later as it was an item on the Agenda. Janet Woodhouse gave some information about the Mosquito crash and announced that there were plans to erect a small plaque in commemoration but she did not know if planning permission was needed for this and so far Rockland had not yet responded. It is hoped to arrange a small commemoration ceremony in the near future.

Matters Arising

Broom Green

The Broom Green residents had decided after their meeting that if they were to pay a contribution than it would be seen to set a precedent and leave them liable in the future. The items under consideration are really the responsibility of Mr. Cook as it is his land; there is no liability on the Parish Council either so as Mr. Cook has only offered to repair the track and not the outfall then a further meeting needs to be arranged.

Community Speedwatch

There have been no more volunteers to help and Jim Heffernan reported that there had been a complaint from a resident after receiving a letter from Norfolk Constabulary warning him about speeding, he disputed the speed he was alleged to be doing and Jim Heffernan thought that if people were

going to react in this manner then it may be even more difficult to get volunteers. The meeting was not fully in agreement with this and it was felt best to continue with the scheme.

Land Management

Village Green
Peter Braybrook reported on the questionnaire regarding the play and exercise equipment for the Green. 46% were in favor of a small car park, 42% were against, and 12% had no opinion either way. 8% of respondents though there should be no development of any sort. Figures were given for the different types of play equipment preferred by people and surprisingly 62% of respondents were in favor of outside Gym equipment. It was pointed out that if full funding cannot be found then the development will not go ahead as it is intended that there will be no additional cost to parishioners.
Cathedral Ruins
Adrian Baker was not available at English Heritage at the moment but the meeting was informed that although the site is not in the top list for immediate action at the moment it will be later on in the year. John Labouchere reminded the meeting that this work was promised 12 months ago and suggested that a firm letter reminding English Heritage of the fact be sent. There is also a case for fencing off the most dangerous area until the work has been done and it is essential that English Heritage are mad aware of this as well as the Councils general concerns in order that there is no possibility of liability being passed back to the council.
Cathedral Meadows
There has been no money received for the let at the moment although it has been promised and there may be a case to consider cutting the hay in the meantime.
Millennium Wood
NORSE is now doing the cutting and the work appears to be of a good standard.

Bridleway on disused railway line

The bridleway is navigable on foot but there are areas that would cause problems for horse riders. The provision of direction posts needs chasing.

Street Lights

Vegetation needs cutting around some of the lights on Station Road. The Parish Partnership for LED lights has asked for the figures to be updated by the Contractor to include all control gear (timers for switching etc.) and a decision should be made in the next 2-3 weeks. Around 40 responses have been received to the light survey and no clear pattern could be discerned.

Highway Matters

The upcoming road works have been brought forward and will now commence 5th August with the work scheduled over the following 3 weeks. The salt bin in Eastgate Street has been moved and nothing has been heard of from Simon Thompson regarding the wall.

Eastgate Centre

The ramp has been extended as there was a problem with wheelchair access and there is also a new front door.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The Monday market is going well but it was reported that there was a need for more tables, extra ones had been borrowed from the Flower Festival but it was suggested that enquiries be made for a more permanent acquisition. After some discussion it was agreed to carry on borrowing the Festival's tables and not to buy new ones. The extra outfield cutting requested by the Cricket Club is being done on alternate Thursdays to the regular cut but the club needs to know the additional cost so that payment arrangements can be made.

Station Yard Development

The railway company has been written to but they have so far not responded.

Dog fouling

The new post has still not been put in place.

Sub-Committee to manage proposed new Community Hall project

The Sub-Committee has been formed now and is chaired by Jo Ballman

Traffic Survey

The request for 20mph areas has been met with a firm NO from the Highways Authority.

North Elmham Archive Group

The grant application forms are to be sent in shortly.

Youth Council

The Youth Café have a booking for July for the Pavilion and Jim Heffernan will liaise with them.


It was announced that Mr. Todd has had enforcement action served on him to remove the building.

Village Green status

Jennie Borgnis reported that it is possible to register just a part of the Green for Village Green status and that this would leave options open for the future (in case it should need a small car park for the play area etc.). A blanket application for the whole area would preclude this. After much discussion the general opinion (except for Norman Clarke) was to apply for a partial registration and this was passed with 8 members in favou and one against.

Parish Pump

The pump has not been repaired yet but it is on the agenda for the Kings Head to do.

Planning Applications and Determinations

(i) Mr. & Mrs R Lake, 56 Station Road, North Elmham
Proposed single storey extension to rear.
No objections

(ii) Mr. & Mrs T Bemrose, Granary Cottage, 8 Station Road, North Elmham
1st Floor extension over Garage and 2 storey extension to front and single storey extension to rear.
The plans for this application had not arrived in time and it was agreed that the planning sub committee would meet and review this application as soon as the documents arrived in order that it would fall within the agreed time frame.


Mr. & Mrs. R Scott, Podshole, North Elmham
Demolish dwelling and erect 4 bedroom, 2 storey dwelling and garage.
Planning permission granted.


There will be a Terrier and Dog Show at Mill House Farm on August 4th

Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Road Naming, Allotments

Date of next meeting – 3rd July 2013, 7:30pm in the Pavilion.