North Elmham Parish Council Meeting – 3rd July 2013

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There were 2 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins chaired the meeting. Apologies were received from Sue Brockhurst.

Public Participation

John Nicholson of Orchard Close, a new member of the village, spoke about Prince William Wood and the overgrown state of it with special concern about the state of the gate and the noise that it makes, also the difficulty in opening it fully. John Labouchere replied that the job was in hand and he would meet Mr. Nicholson on site to rectify the problems.

Matters Arising

Broom Green
The track has been repaired by Mr. Cook but it is understood that the residents are jointly

responsible for this along with Mr. Cook, and it was suggested that because Mr. Cook had repaired all of the track that the pipe repair should be paid for by the residents. A fresh meeting is to be organized with the residents and it was emphasized that the repairs are not a Parish Council matter.

Land Management Matters

Village Green
The development of the Green needs a detailed proposal to consider and the committee responsible was asked to prepare one for consideration. Jennie Borgnis mentioned that a parishioner who had followed up with a 3-page letter against the development had approached her. Martin Phillips mentioned that he had approached some youths who were kicking a football against the pavilion who made the point that there was nowhere else in the village to do so and would it be possible to include some football related equipment in the proposal. When the full proposal is ready there will be a public meeting to discuss it. The Community Smallholding has asked about using the Green later in the year for a BBQ and music event – there were no objections.
Cathedral Ruins
Adrian Baker (English Heritage) has confirmed that funding is available for work to commence later in the year. The question about the fencing being included was unanswered and would need reporting back. A meeting with Adrian Baker was to be organized shortly to detail the work.
Cathedral Meadows
Sheep have recently been put onto the Meadow and the date needs checking as to when grass can be cut under the Stewardship scheme.
Millennium Wood
The cutting is progressing well but there a number of fence posts that will need replacing shortly.
Bridleway on disused Railway Line
The letter has been sent and the reply indicated that the work had been done although in practice the width is manageable on horseback the height certainly is not and this is to be communicated to the County Council to take further with their contractors. The position regarding signage is unknown at the moment.

Highway Matters

The Surgery is unhappy with the build out scheme as they say they have not been consulted. It was suggested that if it was possible to retain the road planning's after the completion of the scheme as use could definitely be made of them.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The Cricket Club asked if it would be possible to put notices in the car park saying that vehicles were parked at the owners risk but Jennie Borgnis pointed out that it was impossible to disclaim liability if a cricket ball hit a car and damage was caused, so the answer to the club was no. Extra tables for Pavilion are needed and Jimmy Brown again suggested buying some, which was agreed by the meeting. The cloths bank is now full and needs emptying even though it has only been there a short time. The moles are becoming active again and treatment was needed before they became a problem again.

Station Yard Development

There has been no response from the Railway Company and it was suggested that they be notified that the work of widening will be undertaken on safety grounds.

Sale of Parish Pits

The solicitor dealing with the matter is progressing steadily and the Land Registry have had evidence of rents etc and a reply is awaited.

Dog Fouling

The post has not been erected as yet. Breckland want to vet the position of all notices if they supply them.

Youth Council

There is to be a meeting with Norfolk Youth for Christ about attracting youngsters to meetings.

Planning Application – Mr. Todd, Billingford

Mr. Todd has challenged the enforcement notice so the matter has not progressed.

Parish Pump

Some work has been done but it remains to be completed.

Naming of Roads

The bungalows off Eastgate Street should have an indicative name and the residents are to be asked their views on a name. If they agree then Breckland are to be approached regarding the naming.


The water supply to the allotments is poor; there is no pressure in the daytime although it is all right at night. It was suggested that some large tanks be erected with ball valves to allow them to be filled up at night and a provisional price had been obtained of somewhere in the order of £225 although it will need a firm quote but it was agreed that provided that the final price for all work was less that £500 then it should be undertaken as a matter of urgency. There are some plots available for rent but they need clearing and ploughing to keep them clear so as not to put off prospective users. There is a lot of rubbish that needs clearing and it was suggested that a skip be hired and the area cleared. It was agreed to proceed provided that and extra did not exceed £550 in the current financial year.
New format for Annual Parish Meeting
It was agreed to keep the new format as it allowed far more time for discussion but publicity was needed to get more members of the Parish there.

Funding for new streetlights

Although only £8175 had been obtained from the County Council scheme it was suggested that the Parish go ahead and apply for the additional funding from the Public Works Loan Board as the savings in electricity and maintenance would be greater than the repayments on a 5-year loan. It was though better if the loan was applied for over a 10-year period, as this was the guarantee period of the lighting. The motion was passed unanimously.

Planning Application

An application had been received from Mrs Jenson of Worthing Mill to convert some of their rebuilt barns to one dwelling. There was no objection.


A complaint had been received about the number of pigeons that are about and the mess that they left.
John Labouchere announced that the Dog Show originally on the 4th August was now to be held on the 11th August.

Date of next meeting, 7th August at 7:30pm in the Pavilion.