North Elmham Parish Council Meeting - 4th June 2014

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There were 3 members of the public present and Martin Phillips was in the Chair.
Apologies were received from Peter Wade-Martins and Bill Borrett.
Public participation
Rachel Lewis asked a question regarding the Village Green car park that was on hold – it was explained that this was only a temporary measure whilst the Brookside Farm application went through the planning process because if it was successful it would have a bearing on the final size of the Village Green one. It was pointed out that it was a condition of consent that the car park be developed. She also asked if there were plans to restrict on road parking during school times.
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted with a minor amendment.
Matters arising
Community Speedwatch
As one of the volunteers has just resigned it needs some new members to help with the group.
Village Green
A question had been raised as to

whether the precise location of the Time Capsule was known, Peter Braybrook assured the meeting that it was and that a stone would be placed to mark it.
Cathedral Ruins
A boundary dispute is in progress between English Heritage and the new owners of the Old Vicarage, it was decided that this was entirely a matter for the parties concerned to resolve.
Millennium Wood
The grass has not been cut for a few weeks and the contractors need chasing to ensure that it is.
Bridleway on disused railway line
It was reported that the bridleway looks fine at the moment, there were no cattle on it at the moment and it was looking very green so it was not easy to tell if more fill material had been put in place. It was unknown whether Norfolk County Council had finally been notified.
Prince William Wood
John Labouchere has not been able to contact Mr Saunders but will keep on trying.
3 tenders had been asked for but only one reply had been received to date.
The Highway Rangers had visited a couple of weeks age although the meeting could see no discernable change from the visit. The grass needs cutting around the dog bins in the Station Road. The village name signs need cleaning and it was suggested that this was added to the list for the next Rangers visit. There has been no response to the request for addition double yellow lines as yet. All of the gulleys in Holt Road need emptying properly (leaves seem to be above the invert level) – Highways Department is to be asked to implement. Mr David Clarke's beech hedge at Spencer's Close is overgrowing the pavement and there is also an overhanging branch that looks dangerous, he is to be asked to remedy the problem. Gt Heath Road has telephone lines almost touching the ground (from when a tree was blown down) and BT are to be asked to look at this. Jim Heffernan had received a complaint from a resident in Wensum Drive about children using the pavements as a racetrack. There is very little that the Parish Council can do and if it becomes more of a problem then it would be an issue for the Police to deal with.
Extra notice boards have been placed at the entrances to the Green.
Pavilion and Playing Field
An estimate for the Kick Wall was presented to the meeting of about £700 for materials (board and steel to allow it to be re-sited in the future) and it was suggested that Grant application for £1000 be applied for to cover the costs. The machinery shed door needs treating, the paint will need stripping off this time as it is lifting at the moment. The bargeboards are also to be looked at and it was suggested that replacement would be cheaper than renovation. The pricing review has not yet been done and it was agreed to defer this to the next meeting.
Sale of Parish Pits
Paperwork from the Land Registry is still awaited (it was pointed out that they are working through a considerable backlog).
There are now 2 allotments free if people are interested. Please contact Martin Phillips.
Maintenance of benches
The second bench has now been refurbished and the one at the bottom of the Green will be the next one, the vandalism to this one was probably a result of boredom and more facilities for the young are needed in order to keep them occupied.
Play Equipment proposals
Ruth Luckett is progressing well with the Grant applications and a number of Fundraising events are arranged or planned. A Quiz at the Kings Head at 8pm on 9th June, a Family Funday on 13th September, a Bingo night on 16th October, a Car Boot sale on 12th October. In addition the Quilt Raffle will split proceeds equally between the Church and the Play area. A metal detector rally is planned for later in the year as is an event organized by the Saturday Morning Bikers Club. The Young Farmers have designated the Play area as on of their designated charities for next year.
Village Green charity status
The Charities Commission has agreed the Charity Status subject to some minor changes in wording and Jenny Borgnis also raised a couple of points that needed attention before the signed documents were returned to the Charities Commission.
Accounts and Payments
These were all accepted.
Planning Applications and Determinations
Mr P Lambert, The Haven, 40 Eastgate Street, North Elmham
Conversion of existing barn as ancillary accommodation
No objection

Mrs D Dann, 52 & 54 Holt Road, North Elmham
Demolition of low wall and lowering of pavement – amended plan
No objection

Mr N Andrews, 4 Holt Road, North Elmham
Demolition of single storey extension and erection of 2 storey extension to rear
No objection

Mr T Stephens, barns adjacent to Old Hall Farm, Eastgate Street
Conversion of barns to residential and associated annexe & new sit entrance
No objection

Mr B Todd, Billingford
Awaiting planning inspector's decision

Mr S Thompson, Station Yard, North Elmham
Residential development for 19 dwellings
Agreed subject to the new condition 14 insisted on by the Mid Norfolk Railway regarding level crossing and footpath

Mr & Mrs Atterwell, 52 Station Road
Demolition of single story garage and erection of single storey extension
Permission Granted

Mr G Redwood, Granary Buildings, Eastgate Street
Change of use
Permission granted

There was one crime of criminal damage reported for the month

John Labouchere reminded everyone about the Terrier Dog Show on the 10th August, which is open to all varieties of dog. Details to follow.

Agenda Items for next meeting
Volunteers will be asked for by Jimmy Brown
Next Meeting: 2nd July 2014 at 7.30pm in Pavilion.