North Elmham Parish Council Meeting - 2nd July 2014

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There were 3 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins was in the chair.
Apologies were received from Bill Borrett and Peter Braybrook

Public participation

Meg White reminded the PC (on behalf of Janet Woodhouse) that there was the Flower Festival coming up and asked that the pavements etc. could be tided up and weeds removed.

Debbie Coull mentioned that the dog bin that has just been moved would potentially cause a problem at School times, as the pavement is narrow at that point. Debbbie Warner will liaise with the British Legion regarding the matter. Meg White pointed out that it had stopped 4x4's parking on the grass at the corner. It was also mentioned that some of the narrowing at this point is due to the hedge not being cut back far enough.

Declarations of Interest

The Clerk is to seek a ruling on Declarations of Interest regarding the land for the new hall as both Peter Wade-Martins and Martin Phillips are both affected as they neighbour the land and if the rules are strictly applied it would mean that their viewpoint could not be heard.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted with minor amendments.

Matters Arising

Land Management Matters

Village Green
The marker for the time capsule is in hand but will have to await the return of Peter Braybrook. There had been a complaint about ivy overgrowing a neighbouring property and it was agreed that it was a problem and would be dealt with.

Cathedral Ruins
The remote control mowing machines are to be brought back to give the moat another cut, hopefully towards the end of the month or early next month. The high section of walling in the ruins has been pointed out to English Heritage but a visit from their structural engineer is still awaited. An email has been sent to them asking that they expedite this matter.

Cathedral Meadows
The wild flower meadow is good this year with an abundance of butterflies. There are also pink orchids growing in one of the adjoining fields and Dennis Fish is to be requested to mow around this small area when the hay crop is removed.

Broom Green
A complaint that the grass has not been cut in one area is to be investigated.

Millennium Wood
The wood is in good condition at the moment but the grass in the extension has not been cut as often as it should.

Bridleway on disused railway line
A meeting with the County Council footpaths officer and one of their solicitors is to be arranged to decide what enforcement action can be taken if the problems persists.

Street Lights
Two quotes have now been received for the 2 new lighting columns with the lowest being from T T Jones. Jennie Borgnis asked if there was real desire for these lights. It was pointed out that comments have been made requesting them however and it was proposed to proceed with both the one by the Institute and the one in Larch Grove. The matter was put to the vote and was defeated. A further proposal was then made that the column in Larch Grove only is proceed with this year, this was voted on and agreed with one vote against. The situation will be reviewed next year. Some of the dark spots are caused again by excess vegetation, which needs cutting back.

Highway Matters
Highways have been spoken to regarding the cleansing of the gullys. Jennie Borgnis said that Broom Green was again flooded on the Friday (as was pointed out were many other areas). The telephone cable in Gt Heath Road is still down and BT is to be reminded.

Pavilion and Playing Field
There has been no progress with the football wall. Jimmy Brown though that it had been agreed that the hire rates for cricket and football were to remain at their current level. The Clerk mentioned that there was money remaining in the Section 106 pots for both Play and Outdoor Sports facilities and suggested that interested parties be contacted to find out needs. There is a problem with bottles again being left by the bottle bank and not being put into it, also the textile bank was not being collected regularly. A letter had been received from the Tennis Club asking for support for their Tennis Day and also for permission to have the lights on at night for their 24-hour event.

Sale of Parish Pits
The pits now legally belong to the Parish Council and the sale of them can now go ahead.

Mole traps have been bought for the allotments as the problem is increasing.

Community Defibrillator
Peter Wade-Martins will chase this matter up, especially regarding First Responders.

Play Area and Car Park proposals
Grant applications are in progress and various events have been held or are planned. The account so far has £11,180 in it and £40,00 is required, at which point the equipment will be ordered. The Section 106 money available for play areas is to be applied for and it was also mentioned that there was another £5000 budgeted in the Parish Council accounts for the next financial year. The Charity status of the village Green has now been accepted.

Maintenance of benches
The matter is progressing well

New Community Hall Working Group
The application to Breckland for the initial funding for preliminary survey, legal fees and architect work has been granted (£20K) and the initial investigation work can now commence. A query had been received from Tony Langford regarding what was to be provided for the Archive Group. It was pointed out that it was much too early to comment at this stage and every one would be consulted when the time was right and more details were available. Councillors were reminded that a new hall was the decision of the majority of the respondents to the Parish Plan and was the reason the working group was set up. Provided the surveys are acceptable, some large Grant Applications have been prepared but neither they nor Planning Permission can be applied for until the surveys have been done.

Broom Green Pond
A letter had been received from Havey Goldstein regarding the state of the pond at Broom Green and it was agreed that the matter needs looking into.

Development outside the settlement boundary
The decision regarding Brookside Farm is not yet known, however a meeting has been held with Orchard Developments looking at the possibility of putting in an application for development of some of Mr. Peter Howell's land (8 or 9 dwellings) but as the land is outside the village envelope, it is not a straightforward matter. The village is looking favourably at the Brookside Farm project because of the Community Benefit included in the scheme but for other developments it was felt that seeking guidance from Breckland regarding the Local Development Framework was essential before any other similar schemes could be commented on.

Planning Applications and Determinations

Mr. & Mrs. D Nockells – Podshole, North Elmham
Demolish rear additions & erect 2storey extension to rear
No objection

Mr. T Stephens – barn adjacent Old Hall Farm, Eastgate St
Listed building consent, conversion of barns
No objection

Mr. B Todd
Recreation and agricultural facilities, Billingford
It was explained that the Planning Inspector had ordered the large shed to be taken down, however a final appeal to the Planning Committee was to be heard shortly.

Mrs. D Dann – 52-54 Holt Rd
Demolition of low brick wall and lowering of pavement
Permission granted

An anonymous letter had been received regarding parking in Spencer's Close but as it was anonymous no action could to be taken.

Crime statistics – there were 4 crimes recorded in May, 1 burglary and 3 classed as other.

Breckland confirmed that tree preservation orders had been made and also that an Open Space order had been sent.
Items for next meeting

Planting of additional trees on the Village Green and also establishment of a wild flower area on the Green.

Date of next meeting: 5th August – it was also mentioned that the October meeting would be held on the 8th October rather than the 1st.