Parish Council Meeting - 7 May 2014

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North Elmham Parish Council Meeting 7th May 2014

This is an independent report written by the Dereham Times Correspondent, Mike Wyatt. The official minutes are issued by the Clerk, Kevin Webb after they have been approved at the following meeting. They can be seen in the Post Office and will soon be back on the website at

There were 6 members of the public present and the first item was to elect a new Chairman. Peter Wade-Martins was the only name proposed and he was elected with all in favour, this was followed by the election of the Vice Chairman, Martin Phillips was again the only name proposed and seconded and he was unanimously elected.

Apologies were received from Peter Braybrook, Jennie Borgnis and Ann Keeble.

The Chairman’s report was considered by the meeting and, with the correction of one typing error, was accepted.

Public Participation

The new heaters have now been installed in the Pavilion. Congratulations were given to Elmham News for getting the web site up to date. Granville Mark (Brookside Farm proposal) gave an update as to the progress of the scheme – it is in the hands of the surveyors and hopefully outline application may be made to the planners in about a month.

Peter Reid commented that yet another proposal from Simon Thompson regarding Station Yard development was dangerous and did not meet the Highways requirements for visibility splays. In addition there appears to be almost no visibility at all from Eastgate Street. There are also objections from the Railway Company who will not accept anything until the proposals comply with their legislation.

Peter Howell said that more rubble was now down on the footpath; he also went on to object to the possible development of a new village hall on grounds of cost (regardless of the fact that no scheme or costs are in existence), he then went on to suggest that a majority of the Parish Council were not elected but had been co-opted – a suggestion that Norman Clarke objected to strongly as it was just untrue, also the fact that Mr Howell letting the cattle onto the footpath over the winter was what caused the problem and could have been simply solved years ago by keeping them away just from the footpath area.

Mike Wyatt outlined the reasons for requesting recording permission during meetings (it would make his job of preparing the press report a lot simpler).

John Labouchere thanked Janet Woodhouse for her organisation of the Mosquito Memorial dedication and all that surrounded it.

The previous minutes were accepted.

Matters Arising

Pavilion Heating, Martin Phillips said that the heaters had come in well under budget.

Land Management Matters

Village Green

The tree guards have been anchored with steel pins and are much better; the last remaining post is to be looked at to see if it can too be removed. The survey of the 4 oak trees has been received and they have been given a low priority for necessary work. There is no documentary evidence as to any claim of ownership of the boundary or the trees.

Cathedral Ruins

There is nothing to report as the structural engineer has yet to visit. There is evidence of Japanese knotweed coming through again and English Heritage is to be contacted with regard to it.

Cathedral Meadows

Fencing has been done and the Grant is to be claimed back from Natural England. Dennis Fish has signed the agreement and has also made the first payment.

Millennium Wood

There is a lot of cut wood that needs to be disposed.

Bridleway on disused railway line

Contrary to what Mr Howell said in Public Participation, Highways have not yet been contacted by Mr Howell and they cannot therefore say whether the work meets with their approval or not.

Street Lights

There was some discussion as to which were the darkest areas, Memorial Hall, Larch Grove, 44 Holt Road and Ash Court were all considered bad as was an area on Station Road. It was agreed to ask for quotes for Memorial Hall, Larch Grove and 44 Holt Road and make a decision as to priority when the quotes were received. Norman Clarke said queries on the T T Jones bills had led to an overpayment of £605.16 being recovered from them.

Highway Matters

There has been no response from Highways regarding the request for double yellow lines opposite Cathedral Drive. The Highway Rangers are due next week in the village. Jimmy Brown said he would like to say public thanks to those who collected litter and spread sand and grit on behalf of the village. The British Legion diagram for the proposed seat was shown to the meeting and all were in agreement with the design.

Sign to Village Facilities

A question was raised as to whether it would be a good idea to have notice boards on the village green entrances. It was agreed that it would be and will be progressed.

Eastgate Centre

At the AGM of the centre last week it showed some £1600 in the accounts. The lean to has been shelved in order to wait and see what happens with other developments in the village. The Centre is being used more and rents have also increased. The boiler for the Centre is going to need attention soon.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The vibrating roller had achieved the desired result and both the Cricket and Football Clubs were much happier. Thanks were given to Jimmy Brown for undertaking this job. The Skateboard Ramp surface has been repaired and is able to be used. The Cricket Club appreciated the ability to place advertising boards and have agreed to pay for all damaged tiles. The charges for hire will be looked at for the next meeting.

Sale of Parish Pits

This is still awaiting the paperwork from the Land Registry.

Dog Fouling

The meeting was told that Breckland is not issuing Dog Control Orders at the moment. They are apparently waiting for a new Act to be implemented.


All allotments have been let and the area is looking much tidier. Highways are hopefully going to do some work on the path to the steps.

Maintenance of Benches

The Drew family has made a contribution to the bench on the green and work has been done on others but the weather has interrupted the process.

Play Equipment proposals

The final fencing quotes are being delayed until NGF has made a final survey of the area and exact details are known. Fundraising - £10k is already for the account and grant applications are being prepared. Ruth Luckett has agreed to help with fundraising and Bill Borrett agreed to help with Breckland etc. A schedule of fundraising is being prepared. A Family Funday has been arranged for Saturday 13th Sept (prov) and a Car Boot Sale is planned for October. Two quiz nights are arranged and other activities are planned. John Labouchere made a suggestion of a marathon around Robin Don’s estate.

Audio recording of meetings

Notes from NALC were read to the meeting and it seems there are no grounds to refuse the request. Bill Borrett said that the County Council record meetings and place them on their website but Breckland, although they have the equipment, do not record them. It was agreed in principle to allow recording only for the press and a 6-month trial period was suggested in order to monitor the process. A copy of the original recording is to be provided to the Parish Council.


Mr & Mrs Atterwell, 52 Station Road, North Elmham
Demolition of single garage and porch and erection of single storey extension to rear
No objection

Mrs D Dann, 52 & 54 Holt Rd, North Elmham
Demolition of low brick wall and creation of 4 parking spaces
No objection

Mr B Todd, Visitor Centre, Billingford
No comment

Mr H S Thompson
Residential development at Station Yard, North Elmham
Rejected on grounds of public safety


R S Don & Partners
Repairs to the Ice House, North Elmham
Listed building consent granted

Date of next meeting: 4th June 2014, 7:30pm in the Pavilion