Parish Council Report May 2010

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The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council took place on Wednesday 5th May in the Sports Pavilion with eleven members of the public attending.  PCSO Charlotte Stone and Woman Police Sergeant  Morfoot were present for the Parish Council Meeting and Mr. Bill Borrett , District and County Councillor, attended for the second half of the evening.

Chairman Caroline Payne opened the Parish Meeting with a welcome to all those present.

Minutes of the 2009 meeting were distributed.  There were no matters arising.  The Clerk Kevin Webb presented the Receipts and Payments Account of the Council and thanked the Auditor, Mr. B. King for his valued assistance.  Councillor Reg  Neve presented the accounts of the Church and Townland Charities and the North Elmham United Charities from which Christmas gifts to parishioners and donations to village organisations are made.  Mr. Arthur Smith presented the Accounts for the School House Charity and the School Lands Charity from which educational grants and donations to the village school are made.  He thanked Mrs. J. Fletcher for her work as Clerk for these charities.

The Chairman then gave her report for the year and thanked her fellow Councillors for all their help and support.

No report was available from the District/County Councillor Mr. Borrett who was not in attendance at this stage.  From the floor, Mrs. Meg White asked if the Parish Council felt it was acceptable for Mr. Borrett to be combining these two posts and effectively having to do the work of two people.  The Chairman said this did not seem to be a problem and that he had been most helpful in many ways during the year.  Mr. J. Labouchere said, that speaking as a fellow District Councillor, he felt Mr. Borrett did a very good job.

Mrs. Payne then opened the Parish Council Meeting with public participation time.  Mr. Steve White reported that the plans for a Splitz United football team to play at Elmham next season had fallen through and it was now hoped to set up a North Elmham Football Club which would run two teams using the Elmham pitch and facilities.  It was hoped that one committee member for the club could be recruited from Parish Council.

PCSO Stone gave a breakdown of calls that had been received concerning the village over the past two months.  They were;  8 RTA's , (on roads approaching the village), 6 antisocial crimes, 1 report of criminal damage and 6 other crimes, which included theft. She endeavoured to patrol the village once a day when on duty ie. five times a week using a marked police car when one was available.  Sergeant Morfoot assured the council that the police were carrying out regular surveillance around the parish church site in the light of the local church lead thefts. Mrs. Linda Richmond said that a training evening had been held for the volunteers who would be distributing the Parish Plan questionnaire later this month.  Councillor Groom said that he had some reservations about preserving the anonymity of those taking part or opting out.

An election for Parish Council Chairman and Vice Chairman for the coming year took place resulting in the re-election of Caroline Payne and Colin Smith respectively.


Three volunteers have come forward. A minimum of six plus a coordinator are required.  Hopefully this number will be forthcoming before the next  council meeting  and an information evening with the PCSO could then be arranged.


Now in a six week consultation period.  Mr. Borrett agreed to investigate some misleading shaded in areas on the maps provided.  Councillor Groom questioned the work being carried out on the barn development in Eastgate Street where a listed wall had been knocked down.  It appeared that this was not being rebuilt as promised and an access route onto the road was being used.  Mr. Borrett said he would ask for a visit to inspect the site.


Village Green - A lease with requested revised wording had now been received and was satisfactory.   Mr. Borrett said that the whole site was now being valued for sale by Norfolk Property Services.


A letter had been received from a parishioner outlining the possible causes of the wet conditions across the path and criticising the need for solicitors to be involved with the problem, which seemed to be a waste of taxpayers money.


A reply from Norfolk County Council confirmed that this land is not adopted, nor a public right of way.  Enquiries will now be made with the Land Registry to try and establish ownership.


The Highways Department are not able to offer a date for a site meeting at the Eastgate Street roadside parking area until the end of June.  Mr. Borrett advised caution as too much fuss might result in parking being prohibited.

Comments were made about the slow and sub standard repair of potholes, but it was recognised that a tremendous amount of work was needed county-wide.


Grass cutting was satisfactory.  A new locking arrangement to prevent unauthorized vehicle access to the field was now installed.  A new lock on the pavilion door was now necessary.  It was reported that smoking was taking place in the bus shelter and a No Smoking sign was necessary.


The sub-committee were continuing enquiries into costs for a metal sign, but rough estimates had proved very expensive and grant help would probably be needed.  Councillor Lowe said that the present sign was in a very bad condition.


Councillor Brown reported that work on the hedge and bank had been carried out and had resulted in improved visibility.


The Elmham Church Events Committee were requesting the Council minute books to be out on show during the Festival weekend and not just used for extracting information.  The councillors felt that the books could only be loaned in advance for extracts to be copied, or could be displayed open and under glass to prevent damage from handling.


It was agreed that the CPRE, who have a litter team, should be contacted and their help sought with this problem.


It was agreed that these would remain the same and will continue to appear on the inside back cover of Elmham News for parishioners'  information.


(a)  Mr. and Mrs. Newell  71 London Road, Shenley, Herts, WD7 9BW.

25 Eastgate Street  North Elmham.  Erection of single storey rear extension including demolition of existing lobby and toilet.                            No objections.

(b)  A prior approval application for telecommunications development.  Installation of wooden telegraph pole in rear garden of 41a Eastgate Street.  The development does not require planning permission.  The Parish Council have replied that underground cabling would be preferred and the pole to be sited on the boundary of the property.