Parish Council Report July 2010

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The monthly Parish Council meeting was held in the Sports Pavilion with Caroline Payne in the Chair and four parishioners attending.

In public participation time, a resident from number 23 Eastgate Street put forward objections to planning proposals for an extension to number 21, the next door property, which was in every way too large and intrusive in a row of small cottages.  The Chairman said that these views would be taken into account when planning applications were considered later in the meeting.  Mrs. Linda Richmond gave an update on progress following the Parish Plan questionnaire.  There had been a very good response, with many people adding extra suggestions and points of view.  Paper returns were now in the process of being added to the computer records.


Documentation papers had been received from the police together with forms to be filled in by volunteers to run the scheme.  Once these had been received by the police, a training session will be set up.  Because of heavy demand, there could be quite a wait for the training to commence.  Enquiries would be made as to who would be responsible for risk assessment and insurance.


Landowners adjacent to the school have been contacted with a view to negotiations taking place regarding a new route to the back of the school site.


Village Green: The Clerk had received a reply to his request for an update on progress towards purchase.  Investigations are continuing into its possible future development and potential leading to a valuation.  A plan of the present access points onto the Green had been submitted to as requested  to the County Council, who have now stated that  residents who back onto the Green wishing to establish a new access  will in future be required to obtain a 'licence to access' from them.

Cathedral ruins car park: Arrangements have been made for the filling in of potholes.

Cathedral meadows: Due to unsuitable conditions, the weed wipe was not carried out.

Broom Green: In response to an enquiry from a resident concerning the upkeep of the roads surrounding the pond, the Parish Council has replied that there is no funding available and no long term plan.  Reed growth in the pond had been noted and action will be taken.

Land near Wensum Drive: The Land Registry reports that the land in question is registered, but not the lane leading to it, although there is permissible access along it.  The Parish Council will apply for ownership to register the lane.


A site meeting with a County Council highways representative, parish councillors and parishioners had taken place at the Eastgate Street unofficial parking area.  Unfortunately despite much discussion on possibilities for improving the area, no way forward was found.

A request has been made for the hedge at the bottom end of Eastgate Street to be cut back.


A councillor reported hearing on a BBC news report that evening that all mineral applications have been put on hold.


Guttering had been replaced on the pavilion.  Football training was now going ahead on the field.  The weeds by the Shell garden wall will receive attention.


It was agreed to continue with negotiations to purchase both red telephone boxes in the village, situated in Station Road and Holt Road.


The Highways department is still adamant that no salting will be carried out in Eastgate Street despite it being a bus route, but they would be willing to fill one or more salt bins.  The Council felt this could prove problematic in several ways including the number of bins needed, where they would be sited and who would take charge of their use.  This will all be considered and meanwhile pressure would be kept up for full street salting.


1.  Mr. and Mrs. T. Garrod  75 Eastgate Street  North Elmham.

Reformation and extension to rear two storey structure.        No objections.

2.  Mr. C. Hawkins  21 Eastgate Street  North Elmham.

Proposed extension and alterations.  The Parish council objected as follows - the proposed extension is excessive and out of proportion for an old cottage on a relatively small site.  It would be intrusive on the adjoining cottages and cause them light deprivation.

3.  D. Walton  30/32  Eastgate Street  North Elmham

Extend front of garage to No. 30 to match No. 32 and replace flat roof with pitched over both.   No objections.

4.  Prospaplans Ltd.  Railway Lodge  Broom Green Road  North Elmham.

Conversion of existing garage to annex with home office above and erection of new, 3 bay single storey garage.      No objections.

5.  Mr. M. Jenson  The Mill House  North Elmham.

Demolition of existing conservatory and replace with new.  No objections.

6. Mr. and Mrs. N. Edwards  Laurel Cottage  Broom Green  North Elmham

Rear 2 storey extension.    Decision postponed until after a site meeting.