Parish Council Report August 2010

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A report by our Dereham Times Correspondent, Jane Smith.

The August meeting of the Parish Council took place in the Sports Pavilion with Mr. Bill Borrett, County Councillor, and five parishioners in attendance.  Caroline Payne was in the Chair.

In public participation time, Mrs. Linda Richmond gave an update on the Parish Plan.  All the questionnaire results received were being collated and a report would be published in due course.  Meanwhile these could be found on the village website and made very interesting reading.  The committee had been very pleased with the 95% response.  Councillor Groom said he was concerned that some people did not receive their questionnaire and had therefore not taken part in the survey.  Mrs. Richmond said that details of who to ring in the event of this happening had been published in Elmham News.  Mrs. Judy Mitchell was the £200 winner of the questionnaire lucky draw.  The formal council meeting then commenced.


Six volunteers had attended a meeting earlier in the evening.  Documentation and details were completed which would be sent off to the police who will arrange the required training sessions.


Village Green: The Council still awaits a detailed report from Norfolk Property Services before discussions about purchasing can take place.

Broom Green: The pond is at its lowest level for many years.  It was suggested that maintenance work on weed and reeds could be carried out now whilst access was easy and this will be organised.  Land near Wensum Drive:  No one has come forward admitting ownership of the land.  The Clerk had received a large advice pack from Land Registry following the enquiry about registering the land in the name of the Parish Council.  After discussion and with additional advice from Mr. Borrett, it was decided not to pursue the matter.  The residents who initiated this enquiry will be written to.  It appears that the responsibility for trees and hedges lies with the owner of the title of the adjoining land.


Hedge trimming has been carried out as requested in Eastgate Street.  Other areas in the village where hedges and shrubs are causing an obstruction to footpaths will be brought to the attention of the highways department as will the steps leading up into the allotment area which are in need of some maintenance.


Mr. Borrett reported that he had attended a meeting on rural policing matters.  Complaints had been made about the rapid changeover of PCSOs and the lack of liaison between outgoing and incoming personnel at the changeover time.  Efforts to improve this situation will be made and also to better the liaison between the police and Farm Watch.


Councillor Lowe reported that the litter bin on Back Lane had been removed from its base and up ended.  This had been reported to the police.


Mr. Borrett Said that a revised core strategy was being produced and it appeared that not as many sites would be needed as had first been planned, which could be good news for this area.


There are problems with the ground in the area of the top goal mouth, but unfortunately it was too near the beginning of the football season to tackle the problem this year.


Once again conditions had been extremely bad in Station Road after the recent heavy rain.  Anglian Water have in the past acknowledged that there is a problem with the pumping system, but no action has been taken.  The Clerk was asked to write to the company giving them a final opportunity to improve the situation before further action is taken by the parish council.


The committee has requested a letter of authority from the parish council to enable council minute books to be collected from the Archive Office for display during the Elmham Festival.   This was agreed.


A response from the CPRE to the Council's request for a litter pick to be carried out has been received.  Although equipment could be provided, there is now no funding available for this to be done.


It was agreed to go ahead with the purchase of this telephone box in order to retain it as an historic feature in the village.


One rotten post will be replaced.  It was suggested that logs be laid in front of the posts and chains to prevent further damage from motorists when parking.


Councillor Neve informed the council that the main line telephone is to be removed from the Memorial Hall due to persistent non-payment for calls made.  The Hall committee cannot continue to cover the shortfall.


1.  Prospaplans Ltd.   Railway Lodge   Broom Green.

Conversion of existing garage to annex with home office above and erection of new three bay single storey garage.  Amendment to original application.  No objections.

2.  Mr. and Mrs. N. Edwards  Laurel Cottage  Broom Green .

Rear two storey extension.  Amendment to original application.   No objections.

3.  Mrs. K. Wyatt  9 Larch Grove  North Elmham.

Erection of store for two electric wheelchairs and ramps.  No objections.