Parish Council Report September 2010

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The monthly meeting took place in the Sports Pavilion with Caroline Payne in the Chair and 2 parishioners attending.

Firstly - a correction.  In last month's report in Elmham News, the section under the heading "Memorial Hall Telephone" was incorrectly reported.  It should read  -  "Mr. Neve reported that the telephone is to be removed from the Memorial Hall as retention is not financially viable".


The number of volunteers to take part in the scheme has now risen to eight.  The group is 13th in line for the training sessions which have been in great demand.


Village Green:
Councillor Wade-Martins questioned whether a meeting should be arranged with Norfolk Property Services concerning the proposed purchase of the Green, but it was agreed to give them more time to produce their report.  The path across the Green where flooding occurs during heavy rain has been built up, but a soak away will be needed in the long term.  
Cathedral Ruins:
The next inspection by English Heritage will take place on September 14th when the matter of repairs to the walls will be raised and also some necessary tree lopping.  It was mentioned that two of the new brown directional signs to the Norman Chapel need attention and English Heritage will be informed. 
Millennium Wood:
It was agreed that money should budgeted in the future for hedge maintenance as continuous work is necessary.


An audit has been carried out.  Several areas were noted where garden shrubs and trees were shading the lights.  A request for residents to help deal with this problem will be placed in Elmham News.


Allotment steps:  Originally constructed by the Highways Department, the steps are now considered to be dangerously positioned and their repair was declined. After discussion, it was agreed that the steps are no longer necessary and could be removed.   Obstructive tree growth over Holt Road from the garden of Vine House, which is at present standing empty, was reported and will be dealt with.


The application for a grant towards the Sign to Village Facilities has been acknowledged and a reply is expected soon.


An information report had been received.  Speed checks are being carried out regularly in Station Road and in recent weeks five verbal warnings have been issued.



Mrs. Marsh asked if a photograph showing members of the Friends and Neighbours Club could be displayed on a wall in the Pavilion.  This was agreed with pleasure. It was felt that the grass cutting contractors have done excellent work this season.  A complaint had been received that grass in the play area seemed rather long at times, but the Council was assured that it was always included in the regular two weekly cut.  The ROSPA safety inspection report on the play area has been received and will be considered by the councillors responsible for the play area.


The sub committee will consider the idea of a stone sign, as well as pursuing plans and estimates for a metal structure.


A meeting is planned next week for discussions with a landowner.


Anglian Water had responded to the Clerk's letter requesting urgent action to relieve the problem in Station Road.  They promise a thorough investigation in the very near future.


These had been on display during the recent Festival weekend and have now been returned to the Clerk who will deliver back to the Archive Office.


The agreement has been signed with BT to adopt the box.  They will remove the equipment and ownership will then be officially transferred.



The external auditors have requested details of risk assessments.  The Clerk had prepared a report which was circulated, read and approved by the councillors.  It was suggested that reference should be made to the Norfolk Association of Parish Councils who might have further advice on this matter.


The Chairman said that only six weeks had been given for consideration of the report which was proposing that Parish Councils would no longer be able to set their precept or manage their own budget. Councillors concurred with the statement made by the Norfolk Association of Parish Councils that no major changes were wanted or should be made at parish or town level.