Parish Council Report - December 2010

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The monthly meeting of the Parish Council took place in the Sports Pavilion 0n December 1st, with Caroline Payne in the Chair.  Also attending was Mr. Bill Borrett (County and District Councillor and one parishioner.  In public participation time Mrs. Linda Richmond gave an update on the Parish Plan.  A manageable report is being prepared from the data and will hopefully be available in March.  A small amount of information pertaining to the Church had already been released.


Concern was expressed at the lack of progress in the last year.  A letter is to be sent to Mr. Bygrave of Norfolk Property Services reiterating this.  A meeting to discuss a complaint from a parishioner about the Eastgate Street entrance had not taken place due to poor weather conditions.


Village Green:-  The planned meeting with Norfolk Property Services had been cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.


Footpath on disused railway line:-  Councillor Wade-Martins reported that the footpath was again impassable , the situation having been caused by cattle.  Photographs had been taken and he proposed that they be sent to County Hall together with a request for enforcement action. Mr. Borrett said that flooding had not been caused by the cattle, but there was a safety issue as cattle can be dangerous.  Councillor Groom said it was the responsibility of the County Council to monitor the position and take action where necessary.


In answer to a previous enquiry, the contractor, T.T.Jones had replied that they do not ever sub-contract work.  All their vehicles are clearly marked and all staff wear company uniforms at all times.


Councillor Groom said he was dismayed at what was generally perceived to be a lack of gritting by Norfolk County Council and it was questioned why snow ploughs had not been used.  Councillor Brown said that it was very frustrating to see such a lack of efficiency at NCC.  The final salt bin has arrived and will be sited appropriately in the near future.


Another very large book had been received updating the current situation.  These are automatically forwarded to all parishes irrespective of whether they are required.  As a contribution to the Big Conservation and to save costs it was suggested that only those parishes who want a book should ask to receive one.


The moles are being dealt with.  The litter picker has not yet returned to work and the Clerk will write to him in an attempt to establish his intentions.  The new "No Smoking " sign in the bus shelter has already been defaced.


Councillor Groom suggested that a note be placed in Elmham News asking if anyone would like to raise funds for the new sign.  Funds have been allocated in the budget.


A meeting has been held to examine legal matters and an appropriate Constitution is to be drawn up.


No reply has as yet been received from Anglian Water regarding problems with Larch Grove sewers.


A meeting with a representative from Village Games has been arranged for November next year.

BUDGET 2011/2012: 

A draft budget had been prepared by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk and this was discussed in detail.  It was agreed unanimously to renew the current grass cutting contract with Norse and also to seek a quotation from them in respect of work at the Millennium Wood.  The budget predicted a deficit so to mitigate some of the effects of this and to protect the current reserves, it was decided to increase the precept to £17,500.


In answer to queries previously raised on an application at Larch Grove, a response had been received from the Senior Development Control Officer at Breckland Council.  She reported that all neighbours adjoining the site in Larch Grove and Brookside were notified of the application by letter on 18th October and a site notice was posted on 6th October.  The application is a new full planning application.  There is an extant planning permission on the site for an amended design.  The application was subsequently approved on 23rd November.

Concern was expressed with the development in Station road, as the developers and planners had apparently changed an access without reference to the parish council.  Councillor Groom stressed that this involved a major safety issue.  Mr. Borrett agreed to investigate.  It was felt that the revised plans should be seenand an explanation sought as to why the plans had been changed without reference to the Parish Council.