Church News November 2014

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Can we, without imposing anything, journey alongside those who do not share our Christian faith but who are searching for the truth with all their heart?

Adapted from the “Letter from Taizé”.


PRAYER FOCUS. Those living in or near: Cathedral Drive, Elm Close, Oak Avenue, Larch Grove, Cedar Close, Brookside.

If there are any specific prayer requests, either for public or private prayer, please let the rector know. There is a ‘prayer request’ board available in the church also, and this is used by the rector when saying Morning Prayer. Prayers are offered during the course of a week, and there is a space to indicate thanks for a person’s recovery.

WORLD WAR I (and II) PARISH INFORMATION. Anyone wishing to search for the names on the Elmham Group rolls of honour will be able to find the names on the website (above), with World War I and World War II details provided. War graves in the churchyards are also indicated with names in italics. Anyone without internet access should address any enquiries to the rector. As you will see from the services calendar for November, on Remembrance Sunday the roll of honour is read at each of the six churches in the Elmham Group during the course of the day: “We will remember them.”

ECUMENICAL GROUP MEETINGS. We shall meet at the Methodist Centre in Stibbard at 7.30pm on Thursday, November 13th to consider moral dilemmas: where do our morals come from; do moral standards change according to circumstances? On Thursday, November 27th we shall meet, again at the Methodist Centre at 7.30pm, to consider poverty: how does the Bible guide us to respond to poverty?

Services end with the short night service of Compline.

“CHUCH HEWMER”. One Sunday morning the rector noticed seven-year-old Alex staring up at the large plaque mounted near the church door. The plaque was covered with names and eventually Alex asked, “Rector, what is this?” “Well, Son, it's a memorial to all the young men and women who died in service.” Alex asked quietly, “Which service, the 8:00 or the 11:00?”

Nicholas Varnon (Rector)


On Saturday, August 16th at Saint Margaret, Worthing: Burial of Ashes: GRACE BERTHA MARSHALL.

On Friday, September 26th at Saint Mary, North Elmham: Funeral Service with Commendation and Committal: ROY GORBOULD.

On Tuesday, October 14th at Saint Mary, North Elmham: Funeral Service with Commendation and Committal: JOAN GLADYS BROWN.

Prayers are offered for those who mourn.

On Saturday, October 4th at Saint Mary, North Elmham: Holy Matrimony: GUY MANSFIELD and NAOMI BURROWS.

Prayers are offered for Guy and Naomi as Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield.