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We went to Canada for over two weeks in July and had the most amazing time. The majesty and magnificence of God's creation was breath taking. It hits you so much more over there where the mountains reach the sky and the lakes are sky blue. But even in all this vast immenseness God is so personal and attentive to every detail of our lives.

Our last stop was half way up Vancouver Island on the Pacific Coast. When we got to our hotel, we looked out on Rainforest (they have lovely weather in the summer but experience about 12 feet of rain over the four winter months!). Straight in front of our bedroom window were fuchsia bushes. As I looked I saw movement - then I suddenly realised it was a tiny bird about the size of the fuchsia flowers - a humming bird hovering and putting its beak into the flowers.

Now I had forgotten how fascinated I was with these birds and never dreamed that I would see one right up in Canada where the winters are very cold. But God hadn't forgotten my desire to see one. He knows us completely and in the Bible it says in Psalm 37:4 'Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart'. Not only that I thought "I wish it would stay still so I can get a proper picture". I can't remember seeing a humming bird not in flight even on the T.V. The next day I went outside and there on a branch was a humming bird - perfectly still and it remained so for long enough for me to take a picture not only that I was very close as it was only taken with my IPad.

I was so grateful to our incredible God who is beyond our understanding but we can know Him in every aspect of our lives through His Son Jesus. We only have to ask.

Blessings Tony and Jane. 667107