NECC Clay Pigeon Shoot

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P3038229In case you are wondering what shotguns have to do with cricket, it was decided at the last AGM that a Winter activity programme was needed to keep team members sharp throughout the long dark months - one of the activities suggested was a clay pigeon shoot. And so it was that a dozen intrepid cricketers set off for the wilds of a field in Beeston to have what was supposed to be a first try at using shotguns at clay targets, after the usual safety briefing it was on to the guns and it soon became obvious that some members had more experience in the past than they were admitting to although in all fairness, nobody was disgracing themselves even if it was a first time.
The afternoon consisted of 10 shots from each of five stands (with clays coming from a pair of launchers at each stand, simulating real game shooting). The instruction given to everyone taking part was absolutely first class, informal and frequently very amusing it succeded very quickly in getting people hitting targets with some frequency.