The smaller side of equine life - April 2016

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Maybe you live in Eastgate Street and never walk up by the Church and see the horses there, fear not, there are a couple of miniature Shetland Ponies on the Meadows at the bottom end of the Street for you to visit. Obtained by Katie Thompson from Ireland just a week before Christmas, they were supposed to be standard Shetlands but when they turned up it was discovered that, in fact, they were miniatures but as they were so cute there was no way they were being sent back.
When they arrived they had not really been around humans very much and were quite skittish and nervous, but in the short time since they

More about Those Pesky Wasps - April 2016

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  • Cells showing failed larva
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  • Wasp nest Showing construction

Wasps are fascinating creatures when you get to know a little bit about them.
The ones that we are more familiar with are generally the common wasps belonging to the family Vespidae and are known as social wasps. That is they live in large colonies.
The colonies only last for a season when all but the pregnant queens die off who then hibernate till the next season ready to start another colony.
She does this building a small nest by chewing wood and mixing it with saliva to make paper. The nest is shaped like a small umbrella underneath which she builds cells into which she lays her eggs.
When the eggs have hatched she feeds the larvae on pulped insects she has collected. These larvae grow into

EDITORIAL - April 2016

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As promised, we have included the list of organisations and clubs in the village complete with a contact telephone number. As far as we are aware, they are correct!
We would like to wish the Rector, Reverend Nicholas Varnon ‘Bon Voyage’ as he will have left the village for pastures new on the Norfolk coast. We wish him well in his retirement.
We look forward to welcoming the Reverend Sally Kimmis to the parish.
Deborah Cleland-Harris from Eastgate Street has joined the Elmham News team on an ad hoc basis and has produced the second of a series about various local businesses. She is a part time freelance journalist and author with a delightful puppy!
Don’t forget that the village will be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday on Thursday 21 April by lighting our beacon on the Diamond Jubilee Green at 7.30pm, with the rest of the country and having a Bar and Barbecue from 7 pm in the vicinity of the Eastgate Centre. Hope to see you and your children there. Our thanks for donations go to the Bidewell family and Anon from Eastgate Street..


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On Thursday, January 21st at Saint Swithin, Bintree: Funeral Service followed by burial: WINIFRED WADE.

Following a cremation service on 4th February, on Sunday February 7th at Saint Nicholas, Twyford, a Thanksgiving Service for the life of JOAN BELL.

On Tuesday, February 9th at Saint Mary, North Elmham: Funeral Service followed by burial: RON RAVENCROFT.

On Thursday, February 11th at Saint Swithin, Bintree: Funeral Service followed by burial: JOHN BULLEN.

Prayers are offered for those who mourn.

'EDUCATION FOR ALL- the story of country schools in Norfolk 1800-1950'

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Something we all have in common and of which we have memories (fond or otherwise!) is our school days. Susanna Wade-Martins, along with a team of volunteers spent a couple of years visiting all the old rural schools in the county (some 400) and delving into their records to produce a history of primary education in Norfolk from its early days at the beginning of the 1800s to the 1950s.

She will give a talk at Elmham School on March 15th at 7p.m, so come along to find out how much the aims and methods of schooling changed over time.

J Woodhouse