The smaller side of equine life - April 2016

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Maybe you live in Eastgate Street and never walk up by the Church and see the horses there, fear not, there are a couple of miniature Shetland Ponies on the Meadows at the bottom end of the Street for you to visit. Obtained by Katie Thompson from Ireland just a week before Christmas, they were supposed to be standard Shetlands but when they turned up it was discovered that, in fact, they were miniatures but as they were so cute there was no way they were being sent back.
When they arrived they had not really been around humans very much and were quite skittish and nervous, but in the short time since they

have settled down well and are getting used to human company and the fact that it frequently means food. Named Nala (the paler of the two) and Oona (the dark brown one) they are half sisters but with very different characters, Nala being the bossy one while Oona is still a little shy.
The intention is to use them for Children’s Pony Parties (I really did not know and I had to ask!) – they will be taken along to children’s parties dressed up for say a cowboys and Indians theme (for a boy) or maybe as a Unicorn to rescue a princess (for a girl) and the children will be allowed to fuss and groom them, the intention is to start sometime in the Summer, we will let you know more nearer the time as it certainly sounds different.
If you want to stop and say hello to them please feel free to do so, they do so like company and fuss – Thelwell would have loved them.
Mike Wyatt