The Allotments - March 2016

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The allotments diagonally opposite the Kings Head are enclosures numbered 102, 110 and 157 on the appropriate 29 acres, 2 rods and 7 perches.
This arable land was occupied by Frederick Wateridge on mortgage from Charles Swinburne, and on the 7th April 1919, was conveyed to Mrs Annie Mary Smith. The price was £520 for the absolute sale of the freehold.
Annie Mary was the wife of Lawrence Bladen Smith, a farmer in Beetley and I presume that she had a 'windfall' and bought the land as an investment.
At the time the land formed part of the Elmham Hall Estate, once the property of Earl Sondes.
Annie Mary Smith died on the 9th November, 1939 and had willed all her property in North Elmham known as the allotments, to the Parish Council, to be held as allotments and not for building purposes.
The preferred letting of allotments is one tenth of an acre on annual tenancy agreement.
(This article was originally printed in the News in December 1981)