FUEL SAVERS - March 2016

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Here are a few words of advice from motoring organisations to help you save fuel and drive safely.
The more petrol you put in, the weight is heavier. The less fuel, the more efficient. Fill up more often perhaps half or three quarters.
DON’T run fuel too low – winter driving uses more fuel.
Accelerate gradually – do not rev your engine
Change gears sooner but always drive in the highest gear possible
Try not to use brakes, slow naturally and used your stored energy more efficiently
Keep moving if you can, so if you roll up to traffic lights without stopping, it is more efficient that stopping and then re starting
Do not coast it can be dangerous. Cars can handle worse on sharp corners in neutral
If you are not using your air con, turn it off only switching on occasionally to keep it working
Turn off engine in long queues
Keep tyres inflated to correct pressure
Declutter your car. Added weight means more fuel is used.