Names of fields - March 2015

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I have just seen a document from just over one hundred years ago listing all the buildings and lands belonging to the Elmham Estate .The family who owned the estate and also another in Kent were the Sondes or Milles family. The last Baron Sondes died about fifteen years ago.
Mr Robin Don and his family own a small part of this estate but not the original mansion which was demolished after the first World War.( I have read that German Prisoners of War were kept in the old mansion but so far I have not been able to corroborate that.)
A large proportion of the buildings in the village belonged to the estate and weren't in private ownership. However, what interested me the most were the names of some of the fields. Most of those names were names of tenants who farmed them or were historic names. (The Elmham Estate went back to 1720.)
Nowadays we understand that hedges have been grubbed out and fields enlarged to accommodate large pieces of machinery. A hundred years ago the biggest bits of machinery would have been the threshing machine or large cart which would have been pulled by four horses.
A number of the fields had names which were self explanatory, Clay Pit Field, Great Field, Three Acres, Milestone Piece (wonder what happened to the milestone) Twenty one, Thirteen, and Eleven Acres, Panford Meadow.
However here are a few others - much more romantic sounding names.
Grange Farm had - Franklings Meadow, Black Horse Meadow, Bun's Pightle, and Jellymans.
Old Hall Farm had - Dewing Meadow, Square Close, Rookery, Bridge Meadows, also Blackwater Meadow and part of Cankerwood Meadow.
Foxburrow Farm - Farlton Meadow, the Grove, Crankle Corner, Spencer's Fields, Lee Field.
The Parish of North Elmham had - Part Second Meadow, Braggers Meadow, Walk Meadow, New Found Field, Thistle Hill.
Ramsley Farm had - Hammocks Close, Spring Pightle, Ramsley Green, Cook's Pightle.
These names hark back to gentler times but what a shame they have gone - or do you know of any that are still being used today.