There’s a hole in my ‘pocket’ dear Liza… - March 2016

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We’re all familiar with the old song, but how many of us make the effort to mend or recycle rather than buy new?
With approximately 350,000 tonnes of clothing worth around £100 million going to UK landfill sites every year, it is time to think about the true cost of our attitudes towards clothing. The environmental costs are considerable - increasing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming.
Mending or recycling unwanted clothes can make a real difference. Stitch, glue, dye and patch up are your best options to make a piece of clothing go that little bit further. If this is not possible, please take old, unwanted clothes to your local clothes bank on the Pavilion Car Park After they are collected from the banks, clothes are sorted and those suitable for re-use are exported to Africa. Damaged items are taken for reprocessing, pulped down and recycled into fibre based material. No waste, no environmental cost and a positive social benefit! Please don't put clothes in your black recycling bin - although we have increased the range of materials we recycle, we are not yet able to accept clothes and any put in your black bin will end up in landfill.
So next time you go to throw a piece of clothing away, ask yourself if it is possible to mend or recycle it.
If there’s a hole in your pocket ‘Liza’… sew it up or recycle it in a clothes bank!
You can find out more about recycling from Breckland Officers at a series of ‘Well Being' events in local libraries. Representatives from County Council, MIND and Age UK will also be there covering a range of topics.
Wellbeing events
Watton Library: 20/01/16, Thetford Library: 27/01/16, Swaffham Library: 03/02/16, Dereham Library: 10/02/16 and Attleborough Library: 17/02/16. All events will take place from 10am – 1pm
Breckland Council Environmental Services Team