Judy and Slimming - March 2016

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I felt I wanted to share my 'Slimming World' journey.

I went to Turkey in October to see my son. I knew I had fallen into bad habits and thought it wasn't worth joining in September. How wrong was I?
Whilst in Turkey I felt self-conscious, uncomfortable, unfit and generally a bit rubbish. I knew I would start Slimming World on my return to the UK.
I was determined to succeed. I've done Slimming World before, along with various other diet fads over the years. Slimming World was nice and local and I thought I'd give it a go.

I nervously went on the first Wednesday when I got back from holiday, not sure what to expect as I hadn't been part of a slimming club for quite some time. It was a very friendly group that greeted me on my first evening. Elaine Wheeler is the consultant, who has her own journey to make, which she shared with me. It sounded very familiar when she told me how she felt before she started. And how she feels now after losing 2.5 stones in a relatively short time. This filled me with hope and it made me want to succeed too. A mixture of people attend, young, old, male and female. Even a couple of teenagers come along and they share their success too. You can stay for the talk or just weigh and go. Whatever suits you.

I started my journey beginning of November and at the time of writing this I have lost 1 stone 5 lb. I still have a way to go but I am very determined to succeed. I feel so much better, less self-conscious, more comfortable, my blood pressure has come down and I generally feel a lot fitter. Those who know me know I play tennis, I have increased my playing time, playing more singles, I have started drumming workout and started running again. I truly feel I have more energy as Slimming World encourages very healthy eating. The nice thing as well was that I knew quite a few people there, all on their own journey and their own different reasons for being there. It's a fun night with raffle, tips, sharing recipes and tasting sessions.

The plan is easy to follow, it's not a diet it is a life changing decision to eat healthy food.
You can eat so much (which is good as I love my food) and you can still have your treats and nice things, you are just more aware of how healthy or unhealthy some food is. Stick to it and you will lose weight.

So if you're feeling how I used to, please think about coming along. It's a fun evening, if you decide to stay. Everyone is so friendly, offering advice and help between members. We are people of all ages, size and gender who all just to want to lose either a little bit of weight or people like me who chose to set a higher target. It's up to you.
The North Elmham Slimming World group now has two sessions running, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. It is a busy group but now the two sessions are running, there is room for new members at both. There is always a warm welcome from Elaine who is a fun, friendly, understanding and caring consultant and I know she would welcome you if you decide to come along.

If I can do it so can you!

Judy Biggie