EDITORIAL - Jan 2016

Posted in General News

We hope that you had a peaceful and joyous Christmas and are ready to face 2016.

Many of you will be delighted to know, that Mike has completely overhauled and rebuilt our website to make it more user friendly and able to defend itself against attack from malevolent forces. We had to look up the details of remote file inclusion and SQL injection and translated they are methods used by cyber-thieves and hackers to gain access to websites. Thank you to Mike for the many hours and frustrations that it caused him, so why not take a look at www.northelmhamvillage.org.uk and see what you think. If you find anything odd or amiss, please contact Mike Wyatt or one of the Editors so it can be checked out.

We need to update our list of contacts for organisations soon, so would you please send us your current information. This could include any email or website details if your organisation has one.

Please don’t forget the OPEN MEETING on January 21st, 7.30pm at the Institute when future development in the village will be discussed. Breckland have designated Elmham as a service centre village, which means we will have to have some development and it is preferable if parishioners participate in discussions on suitable/suggested locations.

Thanks for donations go to Mrs Jill Buck and her family and Anon from Eastgate Street.