Editorial - September 2011

Posted in Elmham News

We are very fond of saying that we hope we present village life as it is – always saying what is going on whilst also giving information that we feel will be useful and appropriate for our community.
Sometimes we feel that we get little feedback – please let us know if something that we have printed has been useful – or is incorrect – as on occasion we do get things wrong!  We also welcome your views, and opinions and if you feel moved to write about something that has happened or you have been away or visited somewhere, please do write and share it with us.
However, please put your name to anything you send to us.  We have a rule that anonymity means we will not print an article without a name and when we publish articles without a name at the end we are always aware of the writer or source of the article.
The Parish Council has asked us to remind all parishioners that they do not act upon anonymous letters. Your privacy can be respected but your name must be on a letter.

Clubs and Societies – we do need contact names and addresses and e-mail addresses for all village organisations, as we intend to print a full list in a future issue of the “News”.
Our thanks for donations this month go to Anon (Broom Green) and Anon (Billingford).

Village Press Correspondent

Mike Wyatt has taken over the role of Press Correspondent for the Dereham and Fakenham Times.  Tel 700276

Thank you

I would like to thank all the people who tried to help us and to get our pup to the vets.  We will always be grateful.
Mary Beane