Gardening Club - July 2011

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How to make a Wildlife Pond:-

1.   Collect expert reference books on the subject and throw them all in the bin
2.   Gather as many pairs of used ladies tights as are decently available
3.   Find yourself a Mrs Hilary Reid
4.   Start digging!

Mrs Reid decided to create a Wildlife Pond in memory of her late husband, and finding the available information impractical, and no designs that were to her liking, she set about designing and creating a pond for herself that would attract as much wildlife into her small garden as possible. 

The result is a beautiful haven for a variety of plants and animals both aquatic and land based.  She gave us a brilliant talk that described the problems as well as the successes.  And what creative features were the tights for?  Well, you’ll just have to ask someone from the Gardening Club about those.

Shirley Werrell won the Flower of the Month competition for her perfect yellow rose.

Schedules for the Annual Show on August 6th are in the Post Office.  Everyone is eligible to enter so go and pick up a copy.

On July 28th we are having a Social Evening and the theme is ‘Bring along any Old Fashioned Gardening Tips’.
Linda Richmond

RBL - July 2011

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The Royal British Legion Men’s Section met at the King’s Head on Thursday 2nd June for their bi-monthly meeting with eleven members present, which included two from the rider’s branch and two new members.  The silent tribute was taken and our thoughts were for all servicemen.                                                           

An apology was received from Bill Truman.  

Mr. G. Marsh read the minutes of the previous meeting which were agreed to be correct and were signed by the Chairman.
There will be a parade and Church Service for the Armed Forces at Dereham on 26th June.  
Mr. & Mrs. Marsh asked for help in looking  after the British Legion flowers on the steps in the Church and if any members can help please contact Gerald, a rota will then be drawn up.

Bryan Tidnam and David Green will tidy the war graves in the Churchyard.

A member of the rider’s branch will cover 1000 miles sponsored ride on his motorcycle within a period of 24 hours on 18th/19th June.

The meeting closed at approximately 9 pm and members adjourned to the Bar.


Editorial - July 2011

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Our apologies for our error last month – it is this month that will have an earlier deadline for the news – Sun 10th July instead of the 14th.  Please, please if you wish to include anything for the August edition, send or give it to Janet or Martin – and not Meg on this occasion.  Anything late will not get in the next edition!!!

Congratulations to the Community Smallholding for its successful start.  It is all down to the enthusiasm of Mark Tasker whose idea this was in the first place and all the members who have joined him in this venture.
Let’s hope this idea will go from strength to strength and become a guide for other communities to follow.

Our thanks for donations this month go to,
Elmham Watermill Management Limited, Mrs Wade, Anon from Broom Green and Anon from Fakenham.


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