Editorial - August 2011

Posted in Elmham News

The following was received before the meeting with PCSO Charlie Stone took place and is largely answered in that article – see Policing the Village

I read with some interest the piece in the Magazine’s Parish Council report about the 20mph speed limit in the village and quote “It was reiterated (by Norman Lowe who was at the WI organised meeting) that the Police would not as a rule prosecute for infringement of the 20mph speed limit as their equipment is not sensitive enough at low speeds and most motorists actually break the limit anyway which makes it unenforceable.”  The last part of this I find almost unbelievable, so if we all break our Country’s laws they become unenforceable?
There is apparently an unwritten police rule giving an allowance of 10% plus 2mph, so the effective speed through a 20mph zone can be as high as 24mph, before prosecution. So I find it hard to believe that the Police do not have equipment that is effective in recording speeds above 24mph.  Surely it is NOT a question of measuring LOW speed; more a question of:  Is the speed limit being exceeded?
This comment is ‘ducking’ their responsibility.  Many vehicles pass through our village’s 20mph zone well in excess of 24mph!  It’s time the Police took their responsibility seriously!  Isn’t this something that the Community Plan asked for?
Our elected County Council spend a great deal of money on creating speed limits and I am sure we would not want this money wasted on speed limits that are not enforceable…which seems to be the case, as far as the police force of the same County is concerned.
Martin Sullivan

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