WI - August 2011

Posted in Elmham News

Our speaker this month was Mrs Susie Haybourne. Susie runs the Magdalen Group in Norwich.

It took me a moment to guess the significance of the name 'Magdalen' – of course Mary Magdalen !! whose appearance in the Gospels of the New Testament is always remembered for her unfortunate occupation and her sincere repentance. Now you too can guess the work of the Magdalen Group. Sadly, it is a fact of life that even in our lovely city of Norwich, women for many different reasons feel obliged to work as prostitutes on our inner city streets. Whatever drives them into this way of life, the Magdalen Group recognises that these are very needy women and seeks to provide some support for them. There is a drop-in centre which provides meals, friendship and advice. In addition, Susie and her volunteers take a car into the city in the evening and provide hot drinks and a temporary refuge for those that need it. Naturally, we were all touched by the stories we heard and realised how fortunate we are in our own situations.

During August we shall not be holding a formal meeting, however, we look forward to a walk and picnic – and possibly a ride in a vintage bus, all to be revealed at the next meeting. There is also a trip planned for August to Burghley House in Lincolnshire.

So have a lovely summer everyone and hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

Rosemary Dyer-Perry