Parish Council Meeting August - 6.7.2011

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There were 9 members of the public present.

In public participation Jackie Price the new Chairman of NEFC introduced herself to the council and briefly outlined her plans for the club.
There was an objection to the upcoming planning application at 23 Eastgate St from the adjoining property citing the different objections and also pointing out that a letter of objection had also been written to Breckland.
Ann Ketteringham gave a brief update to the current position of the public phase of the Minerals Extraction, which has now started.

Apologies had been received from Mr Bill Borrett, District and County Councillor and PCSO Charlie Stone.
Speedwatch – the Clerk is waiting for forms to come back before this can proceed further but insurance position will be checked in the interim.
Safe Route to School – There is to be a meeting with NCC tomorrow (7.7.2011) but unfortunately it is with a new person and so it may be back to scratch until they are up to speed with the issue. There was also a brief introduction of the history of the Safe Route to School for the benefit of new members. After listening to this the feeling of the meeting was to get the land compulsory purchased and the route reinstated, any parking problems would be sorted out afterwards by liaison with the School, Parents and Playgroup.
Land Management –
Village Green – Tree lopping has now taken place
Ruins – It needs a firm proposal for a music or drama event before approaching English Heritage for permission.

Cathedral Meadows/Railway Line – There has apparently been no assurance from Mr Howell for maintenance of the public right of way to be useable in all weathers in return for maintaining the hedges so the matter is still not finalised.
Millennium Wood – the suggestion of planting bluebells and snowdrops needs checking to see if there is anything allocated in the budget that would cover this.
Street Lighting – Regarding the street light that was demolished in Eastgate St, it has been agreed by the contractor that in this instance they would be prepared to reinstate onto pole in the existing position. The estimate of £1062.30 + VAT will be passed to the person involved.
Highways – The Cubs would like to go for a badge by weeding all the way up the hill to the Church, this was happily accepted.
It was reported that the Village Pump (on the Kings Head corner) and it’s railings were in a poor state and required maintenance, however it was uncertain if it was on parish highway or brewery land, this has to be found out before the matter can proceed although quotes could be obtained for both whilst ownership is established.
PCSO Report – PCSO Charlie Stone sent her apologies and an update to the crime figures for the month. The council asked to be told the amount of police presence within the village. It was reported that the person who damaged the bus shelter had now been arrested.
Eastgate Centre – The Centre are looking into fundraising for the proposed suspended ceiling
Pavilion and Playing Field – The tennis club had been broken into again, the police responded within 10 minutes of being called – nothing was taken.
The litter bin by the skateboard park has been moved and damaged the surface of the skateboard park – it has now been moved back to its correct position.
The moles have returned and removal is being undertaken for free by a connection of the Football Club.
The intermediate cut for the Cricket Club had been missed; this was an oversight and will not be charged.
The broken window in the pavilion has been replaced.
The indecent graffiti in the bus shelter has been removed and the area repainted.
Car Park – whilst the weather is good and the ground hard it was decided to allow the barrier to be opened when necessary by sports teams and allow parking by the tennis courts or around the boundary for cricket matches, clubs to ensure that the barrier was replaced when finished.
ROSPA safety report has been received – highlighted some damage to the skateboard park.
It was felt that the Parish Council should express regret through Elmham News for the actions of the idiots who defaced the bus shelter.
The use of the football pitch on Sundays by the new ladies team was sanctioned.
Village Sign – There was a 3D model of the proposed new sign passed round by Mark Tasker, this will be fabricated in steel, powder coated in black and inlaid with enamels for the details. The cost will be £1654.95. The motion to accept was unanimous and it was decided to push on with raising the balance (£1000 had already been allocated for this).
Parish Plan – no further progress at this point, suggestions for groups to be involved to be brought to next meeting.
Station Yard Development – The complaint about the way this was handled cannot be made directly to the Ombudsman by the Parish Council, it must instead be first sent to the District Council and addressed to the Leader with a copy to the Chairman detailing objections to the way the matter was handled.
Annie Mary Smith Allotments – Although it is agreed that all Parish Councillors are Trustees, matters must be handled by a Trustees meeting – this would be held at the conclusion of the main meeting. A question was raised as to whether Mark Tasker had a financial interest in the Community Smallholding and although the meetings feeling was that there was no direct link other than recouping in effect loaned capital the Chairman ruled that he must be excluded from that meeting.
The day to day running of the Trust to be delegated to appointed Managers rather than involve all Trustees.
Pavilion Caretaker – A letter had been received from Justine Oliver pointing out that as Paul was more occupied with work, she had been helping out with the cleaning of the Pavilion and requested whether it was possible to take over officially from him. It was agreed that she had been doing a good job and there were no objections to agreeing to the request.
Planning Applications –
25 Eastgate Street, North Elmham – 2 storey Rear extension
There were very strong objections to the proposals on grounds of scale, light and parking
River Bridge on Yarrow – Private bridge that needs rebuilding and strengthening.
There was no objection.
Phoenix Cottage, Church Lane, North Elmham – J Sowinski – Single storey extension to rear
There was no objection
34 Cathedral Drive, North Elmham – Mr & Mrs Hubbard – Remove existing sun lounge & build single storey extension.
There was no objection.
Well Cottage, Broom Green – Alteration and extension to form 1 dwelling
There was no objection.
78 Holt Road, North Elmham – Mr Colin Macewan – Single storey extension at side.
There was no objection.
Certificate of Determination
17 Station Road, North Elmham – Paul Hart – Rear conservatory.
The School is due to go into Federation with Bawdeswell, they are still trying to find a new head and will appoint a temporary replacement in the interim
The Community Smallholding invited the Parish Council to a Hog Roast on Sunday 4th September starting at 3pm.
Next meeting 3rd August 2011 starting 19:30.
The meeting closed at 21:15